Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Opens Clinic Offering Regenerative Medicine

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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo×N2Clinic: A luxurious time of health and anti-aging care in a relaxing environment.

In 2014, Japan became the first country in the world to regulate regenerative medicine. In 2015, N2Clinic began providing safe and advanced regenerative medicine in compliance with the regulation and currently offers treatments in three locations including N2Clinic Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a luxury urban resort known for its one-of-a-kind, majestic Japanese garden, added a cutting-edge feature, “N2Clinic” that specializes in regenerative medicine and provides state-of-the-art medical and anti-aging care through stem cell therapy, immunotherapy and stem cell culture supernatant therapy. They are effective for various diseases and conditions from acne scars and arthritis to diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer-type dementia. For those without any current medical issues, they can be applied for prevention and improving overall health as well as rejuvenation. Guests can receive those treatments while staying at the hotel, or simply by making visits. The luxury clinic takes only one appointment at a time to strictly protect guests’ privacy.

“Today, health has become the utmost interest for everyone more than ever. N2Clinic gained a reputation and respect in the field of regenerative medicine. We are thrilled to team up with top doctors and specialists in an attempt to ensure guests’ well-being,” says Shinsuke Yamashita, the hotel’s General Manager. “Our green oasis has always provided an ideal environment to relax and heal. With N2Clinic in the hotel, guests can find an additional benefit from staying with us while enjoying the most luxurious hotel stay surrounded by beautiful nature.”

The clinic provides stem cell therapy (Class II Regenerative Medicine) using adipose-derived stem cells. In addition to cell-based regenerative medicine, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo×N2Clinic also provide culture supernatant therapy by using functional components secreted by stem cells. Experienced physicians in regenerative medicine who are active on the front lines will propose highly safe regenerative medicine.

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Stem Cell Therapy
Your own adipose-derived stem cells are multiplied by cell culture and administered by intravenous injection or local injection, which is expected to repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

Immunity can be enhanced by administering various immune cells such as NK cells, T cells, and dendric cells that have been proliferated and activated by cell culture treatment.

Among immune cells, NK cells have the highest cytotoxic activity against cancer cells. “We take your blood, proliferate and activate NK cells from it by cell culture and then return them to your body. Since this is a treatment that enhances the immune cells that the body originally has, the burden on the body is limited, and we can approach the treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases safely. In addition, the greatest advantage of this treatment is that it can enhance the effects in combination with other cancer and infectious disease treatments.” explains N2Clinic Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. This cycle, if repeated periodically, will build up a very high level of immune strength to promote health and induce immunological capacity against disease.

Even in healthy people, the immune age can exceed the actual age. Clinic offers immunity tests to find out the current immune status and thus you can check your immune status while improving it to your ideal state through immunotherapy.

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Stem Cell Culture Supernatant
Functional components such as various cytokines and exosomes secreted by stem cells are applied for tissue repair and anti-aging medicine.

Stem cell culture supernatant is referred to supernatant liquid generated in the process of culturing human stem cells. This supernatant is rich in functional ingredients (bioactive substances) such as cytokines, exosomes, and other proteins secreted from stem cells. These ingredients can be administered to repair tissue damaged by disease or promote revitalization of cells that have deteriorated with age and are expected to demonstrate its effects on health and beauty.

Cell Processing Facility
The safety and quality of regenerative medicine are supported by cell culture technology. Our clinic collaborates with the Biotherapy Institute of Japan, Inc., headed by Hiroshi Terunuma, the director of N2Clinic Yotsuya.

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