High Jewelry N°5 – Chanel’s largest high jewellery collection to date


Designed like Chanel N°5 bottle: High Jewelry N°5 Collection celebrates one hundred years of the N°5 fragrance.

@Chanel High Jewelry N°5 Collection

In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel launched N°5, an inventive departure from traditional perfumes of the era. Throughout High Jewelry N°5 collection designed in celebration of N°5’s one hundred years of celebrity, emerald-cut diamonds are crafted to represent the form of the perfume bottle’s stopper, whose geometric qualities recall the shape of Paris’ Place Vendôme.

The Chanel n°5 perfume legend, a century in the making, meets, for the first time ever, the artistry of the fine jewellery creation studio, where the iconic fragrance is distilled into five timeless motifs: the bottle, the stopper, the number, the flowers and the ethereal fragrance trail. Like the notes of the perfume, these elements fuse harmoniously to create an unforgettable new High Jewelry collection crowned by a necklace whose design reflects the defining features of the n°5 perfume bottle.

n°5 is a tribute to intuition.

Like mademoiselle’s instincts which were revealed when selecting the fragrance’s formula, Patrice Leguéreau, the director of the fine jewellery creation studio, followed his creative intuition, noting, “We know the bottle, the stopper and the composition of the fragrance, but to unify perfume and high jewellery, I had to follow my instinct.” After completing the initial research, it is this same knowing that drove the creation of the n°5 pieces, with Patrice Leguéreau adding, “The collection evolved quite naturally when my intuition took over.”

Of his process, Patrice Leguéreau explains, “I took a lot of time to research. I went to Grasse, France, where the n°5 flowers are grown. I went back and reread books, I looked at the first n°5 bottle housed in the archives and immersed myself in the n°5 universe.” With over 120 pieces, this is the largest Chanel high jewellery collection to date.

@Chanel N°5 Golden Burst Necklace; @Chanel High Jewelry N°5 Collection

The golden burst necklace, designed by director of Chanel Fine Jewellery creation studio Patrice Leguéreau, translates the allure of perfume on skin into an object of beauty by joining 54 imperial topazes, with a total weight of 358.41 carats, in hues that evoke the n°5 fragrance.

Remarkable savoir-faire crafts the Chanel Golden Sillage brooch, which is designed like the N°5 bottle exploding and diffusing a cloud of white diamonds. The contours of the bottle are crafted in yellow gold and diamonds, the stopper is highlighted by baguette-cut diamonds and the iconic perfume label is modeled by a 3.19-carat asscher-cut diamond.

Paved with diamonds of various sizes and structured with a dome-like shape, the Eternal N°5 brooch is set with a 5.07-carat round-cut D Flawless Type IIa diamond—a nod to Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number—which is encircled by a ribbon of baguette-cut diamonds that create the form of a number five.

@Chanel N°5 Grasse Jasmine Ring; @Chanel High Jewelry N°5 Collection

Jasmine, one of the three flowers that create Chanel N°5’s olfactory formula, is modeled on the Grasse Jasmine Ring in white gold, yellow gold and diamonds, in celebration of one hundred years of the N°5 fragrance. The Eternal N°5 ring embodies this audacious spirit, expressing the duality of the number five form with an 8.03-carat emerald-cut D Flawless Type IIa diamond and a 2.14-carat round-cut diamond.

The 55.55 necklace embodies the iconic codes of the fragrance: the profile of the bottle, the number-shaped clasp, a fall of diamonds like droplets of perfume and, like the label on the bottle, a 55.55-carat emerald-cut D Flawless Type IIa diamond.

The Absolu N°5 earrings embody the olfactory formula of the N°5 fragrance. Ylang-Ylang adorns the right ear while the left ear boasts the five-petaled Jasmine, with a 5.29-carat pear-cut D Flawless Type IIa diamond suspended like a droplet of perfume.

Chanel Eternal N°5 bracelet features a 5.19-carat emerald-cut D Flawless Type IIa diamond—a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number. In celebration of one hundred years of N°5, the May Rose, a key ingredient in the fragrance’s olfactory formula, is transformed with pink gold and pink sapphires into the May Rose brooch, crafted with lifelike volume and dimension.

@Chanel Eternal N°5 ring