La Collection Particulière: 8 furiously authentic perfume creations. 1 signature scent to mix-and-match



Parfums Givenchy La Collection Particulière fragrance;

La Collection Particulière: Givenchy launches nine high-end fragrances that can be mixed and matched. With the La Collection Particulière, everyone can now express the myriad facets of their own personality.

Eight furiously authentic perfume creations. To unleash the unexpected. Flaunt the unconventional.

Hubert de Givenchy was so much more than a designer. He was the master crafter of personalities, unlocking an individual’s singular style. This timeless couture vision has now been captured. La Collection Particulière fashions gender-libre olfactory identities to arouse the very essence of self. And one signature scent imbued with Hubert de Givenchy’s flair for contrasts. Worn alone or combined with one of our eight olfactory personalities to amplify you.

Parfums Givenchy‘s La Collection Particulière fragrance creations are inspired by Haute Couture.

These exceptionally new distinctive scents from Givenchy reveal the wearer’s personality. The bottle cap with the 4G logo can be replaced with engraved initials on a gold or silver plate, an animal print, or a marble pattern.

“Perfume,” said Hubert de Givenchy, “is the final touch of style and elegance, an identity card.”

“You have your own style, personality. Accentuate them. And if you have a favorite perfume, cherish it. Because it’s a part of you,” said Hubert de Givenchy, founder of the eponymous Couture house. Parfums Givenchy remains true to this vision with La Collection Particulière, nine fragrances with exquisitely distinctive personalities.

The clear bottles of La Collection Particulière feature a minimalist rectilinear design, topped with a sleek black cap and a label inspired by haute couture. Only the Accord Particulier bottle differs, as if immersed in a crepuscular lacquer. The keystone of the collection, this scent can be mixed and matched with the woody Trouble-Fête, the natural Sans Artifice, the sensual Peur de Rien, the vivacious Oiseau Rare, the bold Indompté, the determined Sans Merci, the disquieting Garçon Manqué or the surprising Enflammé.

Parfums Givenchy La Collection Particulière fragrance – Sans Merci perfume;

While Accord Particulier can be worn alone, it expresses itself differently when personalized with the notes of the eight other perfumes.

Layered with another fragrance, it creates the sensorial harmony that is equally difficult to achieve in both music and scents. This layering also embodies the feel and spirit of Hubert de Givenchy’s very first collection in 1952. Dubbed Séparables, the collection comprised blouses and skirts to be mixed and matched to suit the desires and personalities of his customers. Coordinating seemingly disparate or opposite elements has always been a source of creativity for the Couture house.

When Indompté is paired with Givenchy Accord Particulier fragrance, the notes of mandarin and amber oud take on an entirely new luminosity. With its major chord built from Damascena rose, Patchouli essence, Haitian vetiver and Ambrox, Accord Particulier heightens the intensity of the initial fragrance.

Parfums Givenchy La Collection Particulière fragrance – Sans Merci perfume;

Parfums Givenchy La Collection Particulière fragrance;

Parfums Givenchy La Collection Particulière fragrance;