Getting a helping hand: top products to help you as you age

We all need a little help once and while, no matter what our age or state of health. Thankfully, numerous products have been development to give us the assistance we need – and here are a few great ideas specifically targeted at the elderly.
  • Indoor Lift– these are essential for those older people who struggle with their mobility. Domestic lifts  make moving up and down in your home so much easier than you will wonder why you didn’t think of getting one sooner. The handrail on the stairs or the walking aid is no match for these wonderful inventions. Whether you are in a wheelchair or able to stand they will alleviate the stress of having to struggle up the stairs. They will also give your family and carers peace of mind that you won’t have a fall while trying to make it up the stairs. The availability of maintenance personnel for quick and efficient repairs at short notice means you don’t have to worry about faults causing disruption.
  • Bedside Commode– it is an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of the ageing process that mobility is eventually impaired. Even if getting to the toilet is not impossible, it can be a great challenge for many older people and so a bedside commode could prove extremely handy. Even if the toilet is close to where you sleep, having to trudge down the hall to get there can be a great annoyance; especially if you need the assistance of a walking stick and handrail.
  • Walking Stick– these will help with those mobility issues that accompany old age. A cheaper alternative to purchasing a mobility scooter, walking sticks are just as effective in helping to ease the difficulties of getting around.
  • Bedrail and Standing Aid – the indoor lift may help you to get upstairs to bed but what happens when you need to get out of bed in the morning? A bedrail and standing aid attached to your bed will help you up without needing a relative or friend to be there to help you every morning and evening. These are essential for those older people living alone. A rail can also be installed in different areas of your home to help you get around. With a walking stick in one hand, a rail on the wall will give your other arm something to grip onto and help you move around without much difficulty.
  • Talking Clock– when your vision deteriorates as you age it can be a frightening and worrying experience that leaves you wondering whether you will struggle to function in certain areas of your life. With a talking clock telling you the time you won’t need to worry about finding your glasses to check whether it’s time to watch your favourite programme on the television or meet up with your friends for a coffee morning and quiet chat.
With so many great devices on offer, getting help as you age is likely to become easier than ever in years to come. In fact, the elderly and disabled assistive device market is estimated to reach a value of $19.68 billion (approximately £12.3 billion) globally by 2019.