Genesis x the Council of Fashion Designers of America Announce A New Mentorship Program

CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant: Igniting Creativity and Empowering Emerging Designers.

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The CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant represents a transformative opportunity for emerging AAPI designers. By combining mentorship from industry leaders, financial support, and immersive experiences, this program empowers designers to push boundaries and create impactful collections that reflect their heritage and embrace modernity.

In an exciting collaboration, Genesis and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have joined forces to announce the CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant. This groundbreaking mentorship program aims to support innovation in design within the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. With a focus on highlighting the interplay between Asian heritage and modernity, the grant provides rising fashion designers with unparalleled mentorship, education, and financial support. Let’s delve into the importance of this initiative and the incredible opportunities it offers to emerging talents.

The CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant brings together an impressive lineup of global fashion and business leaders who will serve as mentors.

These industry luminaries will work closely with the participants, offering their expertise and counsel throughout the design challenge. The three lead mentors, along with an esteemed advisory board of fashion industry experts and CFDA members, will select the designers and judge their final collections in September. The mentors and advisory board members include renowned individuals such as Alina Cho, Fernando Garcia, Laura Kim, Prabal Gurung, and Jodie Turner-Smith, among others.

Financial Support and Immersive Experiences

Recognizing the importance of financial backing for designers, each participant will receive a generous $40,000 grant from Genesis to finance their design innovations during the five-month challenge. Additionally, the program includes an immersive trip to Seoul, South Korea, where the designers will delve into the country’s rich heritage and have the opportunity to meet the fashion team at the esteemed Onjium research institute. These experiences will further enrich their design journey and provide invaluable cultural insights.

The culmination of the CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant will be a public showcase held at Genesis House in New York City in February 2024.

Here, the custom garments created by the designers will be on display, showcasing their unique interpretations of the tension between Asian heritage and modernity. The winning designer will be awarded an additional $60,000 to further develop their collection, making the total grant award an impressive $100,000. This financial support aims to propel the designer’s career and foster their continued growth and success.

Celebrating AAPI Talent and Encouraging Innovation

Both Genesis and the CFDA recognize the significant contributions of AAPI talents to the fashion industry and are committed to supporting the future generation of AAPI designers. This grant program celebrates their creativity, innovation, and unique perspectives. By providing a platform for AAPI designers to showcase their talent and bridging the gap between heritage and modernity, the CFDA | Genesis House AAPI Design + Innovation Grant encourages the continued evolution of the fashion industry.

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