Galaxy of Electrified Happiness: The world’s first ever luxury boat to be powered by Lithium Sulfur Li-S cell



Galaxy of Happiness by @ Jean-Jacques Coste design

A new electrified 40 foot luxury day boat by Jean-Jacques Coste design will bring a paradigm shift in maritime transportation.

This electrified Luxury Day Boat will be on display at the Monaco Boat show in September 2021.

Yachts de Luxe (YdL) of Singapore has placed a commercial ten year worldwide contract with OXIS Energy valued at $5 million to build the world’s first ever luxury boat to be powered by Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology. The objective is to achieve a range between 70 and 100 nautical miles at cruising speed.

OXIS will work with YdL to design the new 40 foot luxury day boat which will carry a 400 kWh battery system comprising of Ultra Light, High-Power cells and a BMS. The design and manufacture of the cells modules, the BMS and its installation will be carried out by Williams Advanced Engineering, a subcontractor on the project. This joint expertise will secure enhanced safety levels and the necessary elimination of distance and safety anxiety.

OXIS Li-S technology does not use any toxic or rare earth material in the make-up of its cell technology which is hugely advantageous when building large batteries for maritime vessels. Diesel pollutes, and for maritime purposes, OXIS Li-S battery systems are a safe option for open water transportation. At the end of life, the materials used in the Li-S cells can be disposed of without damaging the environment.

“The collaboration with YdL and the renowned French naval architect Jean Jacques Coste is an example of how entrepreneurial companies are able to utilise their expertise and move swiftly to deploy new state of the art technology, which brings with it a paradigm shift in maritime transportation,” said Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO, OXIS Energy.

“In August 2020, OXIS successfully powered the first ever US built electric aircraft with a flight time of just under two hours. The flight was approved by both NASA and the Federal Aviation Authority. Our intention is to achieve the same level of success in maritime applications. The collaboration allows us to achieve this, and provides a level of safety to our seafaring clients, far beyond existing Lithium Ion battery systems,” added Hampson-Jones.

Jean Jacques, Director of YdL, said,”With the highly promising Li-S technology developed by OXIS Energy, we have the perfect match between high power, safety and eco friendliness. After years of looking at the evolution of the OXIS Li-S cells, YdL is pleased to be a key partner of their entry into the Marine World through our 40 foot luxury day boat. This is the starting point of numerous projects including service boats and our Mega Yachts.”