2020 boot: Three electric boats that answer a clear demand for zero emission yachts


Air and water pollution is an increasing problem in the world. In addition, cities, ports and lakes are plagued by noise, a special type of pollution.

Imagine gliding on the water while producing minimal wake, without any engine noise or exhaust fumes. Here are three electric boats presented at 2020 boot boat show, the leading water sports trade fair and boat show worldwide.

Q-Yachts once again leads the way in electric boating.

Helsinki Q-Yachts introduce its new electric taxi/taxi. The Finnish e-boat builder is further developing its portfolio by introducing a new, fully electric boat. The Q30 Elimo concept was unveiled at BOOT Düsseldorf in Germany. Q30 eLimo is an electric boat that is designed for water limousine and taxi service use. The concept has been developed to answer a clear demand from the market for a zero-emission boat that is able to transport people in crowded cities and lake areas in an environmentally conscious and efficient way.

A characteristic feature of the Q30 Elimo is the hydrodynamically optimised hull for slow to medium speeds (up to 15kn / 27km/h). Where fast charging is possible, the Q30 Elimo will offer an electric-only version with a 30– 60kWh battery capacity. For heavy use and/or where there is sufficient infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling, Q- Yachts offers a version fuelled by hydrogen and fuel cell, offering up to 120kWh of electric capacity. Hence the Q30 Elimo offers a commercially truly feasible solution for transporting passengers all day without the need for charging/fueling.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to offer cities and resorts a sustainable and commercially feasible solution to transporting passengers and guests. Thanks to the state of the art technology and our unique Q-Yachts concept, we are now able to give the market what it has dreamed of—emission free people transport in crowded cities and lakes with next to complete silence and minimal wake.” Q-Yachts CEO Joakim Hildén.


X Shore: 100% Electric Boats Made in Sweden

Swedish technology company, X Shore – the maker of a game-changing generation of high- end, fully electric, silent boats – exhibitined a brand new model, Eelord 6000, at boot Düsseldorf.

All X Shore boats are fully electric and silent to combine minimal disruption of marine life, with optimised user experience. Inspired by the South American eel: a creature defined by its strength and grace, X Shore craft conform to Scandinavian design ethics in terms of minimalism of design, while incorporating a unique sporting style.

The boats are customisable to ensure a seamless customer experience, and are available to purchase with an endless variety of features. Design elements such as tables, chairs, and sunbeds are modular and can be added, repositioned, or removed thanks to the boat’s railing system. The motor comprises an inverter designed to handle stress; a battery that has outstanding power to weight ratio; and a magnetic gearbox, which ensures silence and zero air friction.

X Shore craft have a top speed of up to 40 knots and a distance of 100 nautical miles can be completed when travelling at lower speeds. Using supercharge, the boats can be fully-charged in one hour.

Designed and built in the Netherlands: World premiere of DutchCraft’s multipurpose innovative superyacht tender.

DutchCraft shipyard has unveiled the first unit of its DC25 full electric, carbon fiber tender at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 (January 18-26), in a world premiere. The innovative boat is the second model in the young Dutch brand’s line-up of multipurpose, capable and fun yachts. It has a modular deck design that allows for fast and easy changes between operational modes such as superyacht tender, dive boat, sport fisher, toy carrier and family cruiser.

DutchCraft explored the opportunities and the challenges involved in the evolution from combustion engines to hybrids or fully-electric drivetrains. This transition led to a totally new approach to the design of a superyacht tender. The low and compact drivetrain frees up a ton of deck space, which Dutchcraft optimized by implementing a modular deck system that is able to support a wide variety of purposes.

The maximum battery capacity is 134kWh, while the continuous power is 100kWh. The boat is able to cruise fast at 32 knots for up to 75 minutes, which is more than enough to deliver guests from a superyacht to the shore and back several times, or even to go waterskiing. At the same time, it can cruise for up to six hours at six knots, which allows peaceful exploration of hidden bays or islands for a day trip with no fumes or noise whatsoever.

“We believe electric propulsion will be key in a future that cares about ocean preservation,” commented DutchCraft Marketing Coordinator Floris Koopmans. “We are committed to investing in this positive movement, and the technology that we have developed for the DC25 is a step in the right direction.”