The world’s fastest football boot weighs a gravity defying 90 grams




The ULTRA SL FG’s upper is constructed of a super-light woven mesh, coated in a thin layer of TPU skin to give added durability and touch on the ball.

Sports company Puma has teamed up with electric hypercar maker Rimac Automobili to develop the PUMA ULTRA SL FG, the world’s fastest football boot.

The limited-edition PUMA ULTRA SL, of which only 412 pairs were launched last month, weighs a gravity defying 90 grams, combining elite-level stability, traction and lightweight properties with PUMA exclusive innovation.

“The objective of the ULTRA SL was to create the fastest, most extreme football boot possible, to give an insight into how football boots could be engineered in the future,” said Dominique Gathier, Head of Product Line Management Teamsport. “We looked at how hypercars are built and transferred these key learnings into the creation of ULTRA SL, with particular focus on how to reduce the weight of the boot whilst maintaining elite-level performance properties.”


Rimac is a Croatian based company and was founded with the vision to create sportscars for the 21st century, striving to unleash the full potential of the alternating current electric motor. The 412 pairs that PUMA has launched of the most electric ULTRA ever, reflect the 412 km/h top speed of the Rimac C_Two hypercar.

The aerodynamic silhouette features two ‘windows’ on the heel, which are directly inspired by the body work of the Rimac C_Two. The UTLRA SL also features a PEBAX outsole and integrates a custom-made, extremely lightweight tooling engineered to boost your speed with ULTRA acceleration.


PUMA X PORSCHE DESIGN COLLECTION: Tighten your seatbelts and get ready for the latest PUMA sole technology.

Puma also announced the latest Porsche Design collection including the brand-new sole technology XETIC. XETIC technology is a smart cushioning proven through digital testing which provides comfort and rebound under applied force. The responsive structure in the foam minimizes landing impact to maximize comfort.

The PUMA x Porsche Design footwear models Xetic M, Xetic L and Xetic M Shift are well rounded delivering maximum performance and luxury in every situation. State of the art fabrics featuring 100% recycle mesh and chrome free leather including a Bloom sockliner imbue the shoes with a special and exclusive look.