Future Lab 2021: From automotive technology to space exploration and health, let’s take a look into the future



From debut unveilings to the latest technology developments, Future Lab at this year 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed is full of innovative exhibitors and is a must-see spectacle.

@Airbus Mars Rover


Airbus returns to Future Lab in 2021 to present their latest Mars rover, built for the European Space Agency, which forms a critical part of NASA’s ‘fetch and return’ mission, heading to the red planet in 2026. The rover will pick up and package soil samples left by the current Perseverance rover on Mars and transfer them up to an orbiting spacecraft, which will then begin an epic return journey to Earth.

@Nawa Racer @NAWA Technologies


NAWA Technologies has pioneered a hybrid ultracapacitor, set to revolutionise electric vehicles. It features a hybrid battery combining NAWA’s ultracapacitors with lithium-ion cells, enabling more efficient energy management, extending range and lowering weight.

@PAL-V flying car

Flying Car – PAL-V

Pal-V first exhibited at the inaugural Future Lab 2017, with their very first prototype Liberty One 1:1 static model vehicle. They return for 2021, to present the first European road-approved, and recently EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) approved, commercially available true flying car – or personal air-land vehicle.

Haptic touch technology – @Ultraleap

Haptic touch technology – Ultraleap

Ultraleap develops haptic touch technology, with hand-tracking, which powers intuitive, touchless control for AR/VR, interactive screens and automotive interfaces. Haptic technology enables us to ‘feel’ 3D shapes in thin air, through a projection of high-frequency ultrasound waves.

@Robotics – @Oxford Robotics Institute

Robotics – Oxford Robotics Institute

The Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) has a world-leading reputation in robotics. Their expertise are diverse – from flying to grasping, from inspection to running, from haptics to driving, from exploring to planning. They also research a range of technical topics – machine learning and AI, computer vision, fabrication, multispectral sensing, perception, to name a few.

@EAV delivery vehicle

Zero-Emission Delivery Vehicle – EAV

Tackling the ‘last mile’ delivery challenge in cities – EAV’s solution is a nimble, zero-emission delivery vehicle designed ‘down from a van rather than up from an eCargo bike’. They are made from sustainable materials including natural fibre composites and recycled metals.

Robotics for challenging environments – @RACE

Robotics for challenging environments – RACE

RACE is partnering with industry and academia to develop beneficial human-machine partnerships that work reliably, safely and cost effectively in the most extreme environments – from nuclear industry to space exploration.

@Gordon Murray Design x @Delta Motorsport x @itMoves ; Versatile Autonomous Vehicle – @MOTIV

Versatile Autonomous Vehicle – MOTIV

Gordon Murray Design and its consortium partners Delta Motorsport and itMoves have developed MOTIV, an ultra road-safe, electric autonomous vehicle platform. The vehicle’s single-seater layout can be adapted to seat multiple occupants, for wheelchair use, or for last-mile deliveries.

@Luca Car – TU & Ecomotive

Luca Car – TU & Ecomotive

From the same stable that brought Lightyear One to Future Lab in 2019, the team working on Luca want to show that sustainable technology can be attractive to consumers, by implementing waste as a valuable fabrication material in the body and inner-structure of a sporty little electric car.

@Emotiv Brainware – Emotiv

Emotiv Brainware – Emotiv

Emotiv develops wearable electroencephalography (EEG) products, including wireless neuro headsets (brainware), which convert electric brainwaves into communication and commands for robotics. This technology can allow us to drive through the power of thought; as demonstrated in Future Lab through piloting Scalextric race cars.

@Nekton Mission

Immersive Ocean Exploration – Nekton Mission

Nekton Mission utilises the latest technologies – including cutting-edge submersibles and communication systems, to explore the depths of the world’s oceans. They work with island nations, governments and the UN, discovering new life forms, raising awareness of ocean damage, and reminding us what critically important ecosystems oceans are.



Autonomous Truck Control – Einride

After the unveiling of their self-driving logging truck at Future Lab in 2018, Einride are back. Using 5G, the Einride logistics model enables one human driver to control multiple autonomous trucks remotely, from the Control Centre in Sweden. Visitors to Future Lab are able to try this out for themselves, manoeuvring around tricky obstacles.

@Gravity Industries

Electric Jet Pack – Gravity

Jet suits have always been a fantasy, but Gravity Industries are making them a reality. After the success of their fuel-powered jet pack, Gravity unveiled their new electric jet pack at the 2021 Festival of Speed and explained how jet suits are finding a future in first medical responder and mountain search and rescue situations, and other challenging environments.


Life Stacks – Nourished

UK-based Nourished produce the world’s first 3D-printed supplements. Their unique ‘life stacks’, which are fresh and tasty vitamin sweets, contain a custom-made combination of nutrients, based on an individual’s lifestyle and goals. Their proprietary 3D-printing methods ensure optimum efficacy and higher absorption than standard pills.

Airo for IM Motors – @Heatherwick Studio


Airo for IM Motors – Heatherwick Studio

Architectural and design studio, Heatherwick Studios, has designed a fully electric car with autonomous and driver modes that “cleans the air” around it as it drives, using advanced HEPA filters and demonstrates a future where the cabin of the car becomes a full living space. It has just been unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show.

@Microlino EV – Microlino

Microlino EV – Microlino

A very tiny, very cute and very tidy little urban EV of the near-future. Just space for two people and shopping, with the door where the bonnet would usually be. The pre-production model has been used as a ‘mascot’ safety car at the start of Formula E race, the safety car for an electric scooter event and made its debut on the international stage at 2021 Future Lab at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

@Robotic Farming – @Small Robot Company

Robotic Farming – Small Robot Company

The Small Robot Company have created three robots called Tom, Dick and Harry, who are revolutionalising the farming industry, using advanced AI and robotics. At Future Lab, these agriculture robots are demonstrating their weed recognition and electric pulse ‘weed zapping’ capabilities.

@Triggo Electric Car – @Triggo

Triggo Electric Car – Triggo

A very clever little urban EV of the near-future. This tiny little two-seater is destined to become an autonomous taxi or urban car-sharing fleet vehicle. The pre-production model came to Future Lab, ahead of trials in UK and European cities later in 2021. Apart from looking great, its USP is its variable chassis, which expands for a stable drive mode and retracts for sleek parking mode.