Frette Pop-Up is celebrating bedding at its most luxurious


Harrods is hosting a worldwide-exclusive preview of linen specialist Frette‘s new collection in a pop-up in the Bed Studio, Third Floor. Reflecting the brand’s new ‘style of living‘ vision, which favours enduring design over seasonal trends, the 30 beds on display showcase a range of mix-and-match pieces for countless combinations.

Frette SS2018 collection-

photos: Frette

Whatever bedding selection, design, or fabric suits your style, Frette’s unsurpassed craftsmanship ensures that the brand’s beauty is more than skin-deep. A plentiful selection of duvet covers, bed sheets, shams, pillows, blankets, comforters and more allows you to envision and create your perfect bed without sacrificing comfort or quality. Choose from a variety of fabrics: crisp cotton percales, pretty poplins, silky cotton sateens, fresh-feeling linens, sumptuous cashmeres and silks. Personalise with colour, pattern or texture, or add decorative pieces to create an evocative accent. Whether your style is elegantly subdued, sophisticatedly formal, or clean and classic, rest assured that you’re acquiring the world’s finest bed linens. And when the mind is at ease, the body follows.

Frette is a global authority in the realm of luxury linens, crafting exclusive pieces for its discerning clientele. From bed, bath and table linens to cashmere throws and furs, Frette Bespoke offers an exceptional array of tailor-made items, allowing its international clients the opportunity to customise their personal purchases and gifts with their own distinctive style.

Frette latest collection

photos: Frette

essence of the jungle

photos: Frette

Artisanal expertise, creativity and innovation enliven this season’s Frette 2018 collection with striking freshness and liveliness.

Frette SS2018 -01

photos: Frette

Envisaged through a contemporary lens, the eclectic boldness and spirit of the 1970s are impeccably enhanced by soothing tropical undercurrents. Ornamental geometric forms, chintz florals, psychedelic designs and abstract nuances allude to a charming dynamism while building on the discreetly luxurious nature of Frette linens. The result is a range of products that eagerly beckon a reawakening of the senses while representing the highest standard of luxury, comfort and distinction.

Essence of Jungle bed linens and cushions become flowing watercolours of magnified palm fronds and tropical floral motifs that create a restrained vibrancy, accentuated by lively overtones.

Frette SS2018 collection- UNITO bath linens

UNITO bath linens; photos: Frette

Unito bath linens are introduced in three new statement tones—vintage rose, saffron yellow and bright cerulean—for a tropical palette that inspires a sensation of idyll in your imagination while enveloping you in unparalleled comfort.

Meticulously crafted jacquards of arabesque patterns flow endlessly throughout Tanger. Featured in monochromatic or contrasting hues, these designs playfully balance the use of positive and negative space and create a sense of silent harmony.

Frette Tanger

Frette Tanger; photos: Frette

Frette SS2018 collection- Kapok

Frette Kapok; photos: Frette

Kapok presents this season’s exploration of natural elements through an innovative use of colours and fibres, bringing abstract qualities and textures to featherlike veining and outspread palm fronds. Gradual undulations of light and dark, permanence and impermanence, express gentle motion while generating a restful vibrancy.

Frette To Wear

Frette To Wear; photos: Frette

Frette To Wear presents a range of women’s and men’s pyjamas, nightgowns and robes made from the finest materials that become a second skin, embodying luxury and comfort while maintaining that touch of understated elegance.

Frette Fireworks -01

Frette Fireworks; photos: Frette

Frette Mogador linens

Frette Mogador linens; photos: Frette

Frette SS2018 collectio

photos: Frette

Stepping up your home with decorative cushions

Stepping up your home with decorative cushions; photos: Frette