Fast Luxury Experiences You Can Enjoy In Venice



Venice is a renowned travel location that you will surely love. Tourists from all around the world visit and so many of them are interested in exclusive private tours in Venice that are simply wonderful. Many will tell you that you can easily spend weeks in Venice to enjoy all that it is offered, which is definitely the case. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a lot of Venice in just one day. There are numerous incredible luxury experiences that you can enjoy in Venice when you do not have enough time. Those mentioned below are highly recommended.

novecento hotel venice

Novecento Boutique Hotel in Venice; photo:

Novecento Boutique Hotel

It is never easy to choose a hotel for a single night’s stay. Novecento Boutique Hotel is a really interesting choice since it is located right in the central area of Venice, in an alley that is quiet and quite close to the important sites you surely want to visit. The hotel features a really interesting mixture of Venetian and oriental furnishings and the staff is definitely a pleasure to be around.

Going On A Shopping Spree

You can always enjoy a shopping spree in Venice and have the time of your life. Head over to the St. Mark’s square areaand enjoy the numerous designer stores that are present there. It is very hard to resist them since they are all wonderful.The stores are going to entice you and you will surely be mesmerized by their modern décor and antique walls. Basically,all around the city you can enjoy incredible shopping that is so diverse and exciting.

Take A Gondola Glide

This one goes without saying and it is a certainty that you are going to simply love a Gondola glide in Venice. The canals of the city are mystifying and they say you never truly see the city unless you do it from a gondola. This is especially the case when referring to the tighter canals since just gondolas can enter there. As you look at the beautiful bridges and places from the privacy of a gondola, you are drawn back into an era that is long forgotten, vibrant and incredible.

Caffè FlorianVenice Sunset

@Caffè Florian Venice source

Saint Mark’s Aperitivo

If you visit the Saint Mark’s Square you absolutely need to enjoy both a post-dinner and a pre-dinner drink since there are many historical bars there that are simply adorable. You can sip a drink, enjoy the colors around you and listen to some really good live music. The entire experience is sensorial and surreal. If you love pigeons, everything is even better since they will be really close to you as they are used to people.

Regata Storica passing near Palazzo Fortuny

Regata Storica passing near Palazzo Fortuny;

Fortuny Museum

A big problem with museums is that you normally need to spend a lot of time there but this is not the case with Fortuny Museum. If you just have a little time available, this is an art museum that is a wonderful Venetian palazzo with various exhibitions and authentic treasures. There are numerous things you can admire, including art works, lamps, textiles and more. 4 floors are not available for the public. Fortuny Museum is much more than just an art museum. It offers the feeling of visiting the home of an artist, making everything quite special.

Osteria Santa Marina

Osteria Santa Marina

Venice has many wonderful restaurants but this is definitely a favorite for many. It is located in a really quiet piazza, right off the beaten track. Even so, it is almost always full. You will need to reserve a place in advance. The fish there is great as it is always fresh and perfectly cooked. Pasta is homemade and basically all the ingredients are of the highest possible quality.


Caffe Florian

Most of the canals and alleys of Venice will take you to Saint Mark so why not finish your day with a snack at the renowned Caffe Florian? This is an incredibly renowned café, one of the most known in the world and also among the oldest. Make sure that you sit at a table indoors since this allows you to enjoy everything that it has to offer. There are different rooms, each with a unique theme and suitable artwork. Make sure that you enjoy some of the specials there as they are all tasty.


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