The exploding world of fashion film: La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival Award Winners 2014

5th year of LJIFFF: 2014 Winners.

Hundreds of fashion filmmakers from around the world were welcomed at La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Art Theater for the 5th Cannes of fashion film. La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2014, world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers and a global marketplace for fashion film, honoured creative professionals who make up the fashion film community worldwide.

The films that make it into LJIFFF’s final program represent some of the most brilliant and creative directors in filmmaking today. Curated from the dynamic and the exploding world of fashion film, the fashion films are a glimpse of what’s trending in the minds of the world’s top fashion houses, designers, and stylists interpreted through the lens of their filmmaking counterparts.

Victoria Pashuta & Miguel Gauthier’s “Kiss of a Siren” added another precious award to their portfolio. “Kiss of a Siren” won in the “BEST PICTURE” and “BEST COSTUME DESIGN” categories. Bruno Miotto took the BEST DIRECTOR award for “We are all Mad Here,” while Somja Kinski was titled “BEST ACTRESS” for her role in “The Purgatory of Monotony.” See the full list of winners.

At this year’s edition Chairman & Founder of International Perfume Foundation, New Luxury founder & our colleague Creezy Courtoy and CEO Paul K Holmes from Vancouver Canada flew in to present Festival Producer Fred Sweet a special award: The New Luxury Event Award. This award symbolizes the fact that La Jolla follows the New Luxury Code which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all humanity through ethical and kind business behavior.

This year’s LJIFFF will be remembered also for the enchanting imagery from one of the world’s top film directors – Paris based Bruno Aveillan.

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival Award Winners 2014:

  • BEST PICTURE – Kiss of a Siren. Victoria Pashuta & Miguel Gauthier;
  • BEST DIRECTOR – Bruno Miotto for “We are all Mad Here”;
  • BEST ACTRESS – The Purgatory of Monotony Somja Kinski;
  • BEST CREATIVE CONCEPT – The Purgatory of Monotony Ace Norton;
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – The Old Road Manuel Portillo;
  • BEST FASHION – Honor Spring 2014 Giovanna Randall;
  • BEST MUSIC – Snake Vinilla Von Bismark;
  • BEST VISUAL EFFECTS – Honor Spring 2014 Tim Regan & Fred Kim;
  • BEST EDITING – Today, Tonight Billy Mead;
  • BEST ACTOR – 206 David Oyelowo;
  • BEST MESSAGE – Around the World with Stella Jean Simone Cipriani;
  • BEST ART DIRECTION K Woman Hunter and Gatti;
  • BEST HAIRSTYLING Crystals and the Postman are Girls Best Friends Tracie Cant;
  • BEST MAKEUP – Mercado De Lagrimas. Tony Heredia, Madgalena Sandoval and Alejandra Catalina Garcia;
  • BEST COSTUME DESIGN – Tiffany Chinel & Eric Ducharme Caley for “Kiss of a Siren”.