Exploring the Amalfi Coast on a Superyacht

The shores of the Amalfi coast are littered with orange trees, rolling green pastures and crumbling villages, the looming shadow of Mount Vesuvius is ever present on the horizon and the sparkle of the sea glitters like jewels.

As you charter your luxury superyacht close to the shore the air becomes ripe with fresh lemons and green grass and picture perfect towns peek out from the golden cliffs. Food lovers, romance seekers and those who adore the Italian way of life will fall hard for the Amalfi Coast and her exclusive elegance blended with old world tradition.

For high luxury on the azure waters the superyacht MY Starfire offers a bespoke environment to indulge in the finer things. From sipping chilled Prosecco in the hot tub to diving into secret swim holes, gliding across the rich waters to the trendiest spots and enjoying magical sunsets bleeding across the sky, MY Starfire is your lavish home away from home along the Amalfi Coast.

Vietri sul mare

The first pearl of the Amalfi Coast sits at the bottom of a sweeping hill with its charming town, world famous for its rich ceramics. The pretty traditional homes are adorned in bright tiles and the cobbled streets spilling over with chic eateries provide the perfect seaside resort for sipping cold beer or ordering up a creamy dish of gelato. The museum of ceramic is a feast for the eyes and the church of San Giovanni Battista boasts a splendid dome rising out of the quaint city streets. The beautiful blue beaches are perfect for cooling off in the midday sun before taking a stroll around the ornate town.


Donned a jet set resort since the fifties this bountiful town is surrounded by fragrant lemon groves, textured pale stucco walls and steep cliffs that tumble down to greet the sea. The up-market hotspot seems to cling to the cliff side offering panoramic views across the bay. Steinbeck once said that ‘Positano bites deep’ and with its wild wisteria, trendy boutiques and shades of white and terracotta you will certainly feel the nip in your bones. Step off your luxury superyacht and onto the southern Italian beaches of Positano where world fashion, steep streets and fabulous food collide in heady delight.


Take a superyacht charter to the hush-hush archipelago of Ponza; one of the Amalfi Coasts best kept secrets is as authentic as they come with bleached white cliffs falling into the sea, locals sipping coffee on the waterfront and lashings of island charm.Ponza is still a quaint fishing village at heart and its ancient grottos are certainly worth exploring with their intricate carved pools, knotted wood and clusters of volcanic stone. Fine seafood fresh from the boat and dusty vintage wines can be devoured on the vine laced terraces before sinking down on the soft sands to read a book beneath the shade of the cliffs.


The lively town of Sorrento is certainly worth a visit when you are exploring the vistas around the Amalfi Coast. Steeped in history, art and exquisite dining you can spend hours sipping dainty glasses of limoncello, exploring the Renaissance and Baroque architecture and enjoying the aristocratic beauty of this timeless spot. Splurge on traditional Italian goodies at Antonino Attardi; dine on fresh mussels doused in local lemons and bathe in the sweet baby blue waters as you gaze across the waters at the isle of Capri.

Captain Sputh can show you the sun soaked shores of the Amalfi Coast on the luxury of MY Starfire. Enjoy Italian sweet pastries on the sun deck, explore the bright and bustling shoreline on Jet Ski and discover the glistening grottoes and roman inspired seaside playgrounds nestled at the foot of the rising cliffs.

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