Döttling Colosimo PopArt – the most exclusive cash box in the world


How to always keep an eye on the growing wealth? The world-famous Scrooge McDuck comics inspired Döttling, renowned German manufacturers of luxury safes since 1919, for the Colosimo PopArt with a unique look designed by London’s Year Zero. The charming homage to the Disney icon of comic culture has a security glass on the front side of the safe. There is a slot on the top of the safe for cash bills and other treasures and each individual safe is painted by hand, both outside and inside.

Döttling‘s name is associated with the most luxurious home vaults with secure, dedicated storage for those with refined taste. So it is even more interesting to see such a playful interpretation from Döttling. The Colosimo PopArt will surely find home among select connoisseurs, art and comisc lovers, and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry.