Velvet Pure-The Homage To The Art of Traditional Perfumery

reseda alba

The Reseda flower/ (mignonette), a floral ingredient missing from scent creation in recent decades, is revived in the new Dolce & Gabbana fresh floral fragrance inspired by this herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean region. Reseda was used in flower arrangements, perfumes and potpourri.

With a name inspired by the scent’s pure, green floral quality, this new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance is defined by an unique green crystalline floralcy.

Mignonette flowers are extremely fragrant and are grown since ancient times for the sweet ambrosial scent of its flowers. A Victorian favourite, it was commonly grown in pots and in window-boxes to scent the city air. It was used also as a sedative and a treatment for bruises in Roman times.

dolce & gabbana velvet pure fragrance 2016-reseda flower

dolce & gabbana velvet pure fragrance 2016-

The perfume is a blend of floral notes with crisp, floral accord of Galbanum, Jasmine and Cistus Labdanum, accompanied by a crisp fresh Fig Leaf Accord and airy Jasmin Alcoolat. The raw notes of Narcissus and Jonquille Absolutes are married with rich floral notes of North African Neroli and Geranium. Haitian Vetiver and Orris Butter are left for a grand finale.

Part of The Velvet collection of exclusive fragrances, the new 2016 Velvet Pure brings the wearer on an unprecedented olfactory journey to discover the origins and the history of Dolce&Gabbana. Just like a couture dress.

The Velvet Fragrance Collection draws its origins in the private memories of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Each of the twelve Velvet and two Velvet Oud perfumes are the fruit of a dedicated research into the ancient essences of Italian tradition, reinterpreted using contemporary perfume-making techniques.

dolce & gabbana velvet pure fragrance 2016

dolce & gabbana velvet pure fragrance 2016-2luxury2