Diving is in and is tremendous fun: 2017 boot Düsseldorf confirms the statements

In January 2017 the new watersports season starts in Dusseldorf, Germany. Diving is the megatrend at boot Düsseldorf 2017. 


Diving is in, is tremendous fun and is becoming more and more popular. boot Düsseldorf can confirm these statements, because Halls 3 and 4, in which diving apparatus, suits and state-of-the-art equipment are being presented, are in great demand. Divers like to call their sport the “most beautiful hobby in the world” and the top international suppliers will be presenting their products in Düsseldorf again from 21. to 29. January 2017. The exhibitors include such major brands as Aqualung, Atomic Aquatics, Bauer, Mares, Ocean Reef and Scubapro.

Recreational diving has not been a niche market for a long time now at the economic level either. Recreational divers spend about EUR 120 million per year on their equipment, EUR 67 million on diving courses and training as well as about EUR 590 million on diving tours. The industry
contributes about 380 exhibitors to and fills 20,000 m² of exhibition space at Europe’s largest recreational diving trade fair (boot Düsseldorf).

diving-is-the-megatrend-at-boot-dusseldorf-2017 diving-is-the-megatrend-at-boot-dusseldorf-2017
670,000 people (2015 figure) dive regularly in Germany every year and this number has been increasing steadily for years. What boot has waiting for them is a wide range of information about the diving instruction provided by such leading organisations as International Aquanautic Club,
Padi, Protec, PSS worldwide, SSI and the German Diving Association. The diving halls will therefore be a good opportunity to use the cold time of year to prepare for upcoming diving trips and to obtain information about new diving rules and regulations.

The focus at the diving destinations which are being presented at boot is on outstanding locations rather than on such prosaic topics as training and technical equipment. The travel destinations covered include both highly popular and exotic options, all of which aim to attract visitors to their gorgeous underwater worlds. Major national presentations are, for example, being made by Egypt, Curacao, Indonesia, the Maldives, the Philippines and Turkey. Portugal and Fuerteventura will be presenting their popular diving regions too, however. Anyone who prefers inland lakes to
the sea will find that the joint Austrian stand has the necessary information about the excellent diving conditions in the fascinating underwater regions of the lakes in the Salzburg area or Carinthia.

Visitors who then feel like going diving right away can do this with full diving equipment in the pool, which is 6 metres long, 4.60 metres wide and 1.80 metres deep. Diving suits, air cylinders & regulators and fins are provided free of charge, while capable diving instructors from the leading diving and training organisations will be on hand to give tips and advice.

“Living at sea level“ is the motto of the Beach Resort at boot 2017. This new area of the trade fair will present hotels, club facilities and camping sites that are located by the water (sea or inland lakes) and have a wide range of water sports options to offer. Operators are drawing attention to all the different sports alternatives on and by the water in the water tourism hall 13.


Anyone who would like to enjoy a wonderful holiday entirely on the water is at exactly the right place in the Cruise Pavilion, however. Market leaders and the specialists will be concentrating on the cruising hotspots at the maritime travel market in Hall 14. boot Düsseldorf will as a result be
right in tune with the times here, because the number of cruise passengers has been increasing steadily throughout Europe for years now and reached a new record of 6.6 million people in 2015.

diving-is-the-megatrend-at-boot-dusseldorf-2017 boot-dusseldorf-2017-interior

The yachting industry in Germany is continuing to grow. The international nautical market remains stable too, although no significant positive signals are coming from it. There is a very definite trend towards motor boats and motor yachts, sales of which have increased both nationally and internationally. Sales in the sailing yacht segment are declining slightly, on the other hand.

According to a business survey carried out by the Association of the German Water Sports Industry at the end of the year, 83.1% (previous year: 83.5%) of the companies said that their business situation in Germany was as good as or better than in the previous year. The boat market is growing
moderately but steadily – this is how the current situation can be summarized. All in all, the industry is anticipating total sales of maritime goods and services (excluding the megayacht segment) of about EUR 2 billion in 2016.

The companies estimate that the positive market trend will continue: a good 90% of the companies are expecting business to be the same or better in the coming year.