Discovering Corfu by Both Land and Water Aboard A Quadski

The rich blend of Venetian, French and British inspired past makes Corfu a dazzling little gem adorned with exotic wild flowers, ancient mythology and sleepy beaches surrounded by turquoise jeweled waters. The splendor of Corfu carries over from the sparkling waters to the golden lands lush with white wash houses, tumbling waterfalls and mezze platters to die for – all of which makes the Quadski the best form of transport for island exploration.

The Quadski is the latest innovation that is a must have for superyacht toy enthusiasts. The all-terrain vehicle has been expertly designed to traverse the water and cruise the land at an astonishing 45 mph. One touch of a button causes wheel retraction, which makes your amphibious vehicle the only way to get around and discover Corfu both in and out of water.

Blue Flag Bliss

Beach lovers will be bowled over by the beauty and blue flag bliss of Corfu’s coastline. There are stretches of sand to delight those looking for solitude and sojourns or those who want to soak up a little sun along with a sprinkling of glitz and glamour. The Ágios Geórgios Págon offers diamond clean waters, olive groves and charming taverns without the crowds, whereas Kassiopi offers rich Ionian seas, colorful cocktail bars and even a little shoulder rubbing with the rich and famous.

Fairy Tales and Waterfalls

Explore the magical countryside laced with myth and be sure to stop at the Waterfalls of Nymphes. In ancient lore this is the very spot where fairy-tale creatures would swim and bathe, and with the hanging boughs, the tumbling crisp waters and the fruit laden vines, it’s easy to believe the stories.

Exploring the Old Town

The heady melting pot of cultural relics is a sight to be seen in the old town. Cobbled streets are lined with Venetian architecture, humble Greek orthodox churches, pastel colored houses and a flash of British palatial design. Duck down narrow alleys, stop for a chilled cappuccino and head for the hills to indulge in the splendor of the Achillion Palace.

Mezze Magic

Greek culture is all about life around the table and with the delight of vine wrapped dolmades, fresh and zesty tzatziki and honey laced baklava it is easy to see why. Traditional cool taverns will bring platter after platter of appetizers, will follow it with freshly seared seafood or rich veal, and will keep your glass topped to the brim.

Flaming Sunsets

As the sky starts to blush at the end of the day, take your Quadski for one final adventure perched on Kaisers Throne in Pelekas. The dizzying heights of this historical hilltop shrine offer unrivalled panoramic views that encompass the mountains, the rolling green and gold lands and the stretch of olive groves strung out to the sea. Sit quietly and watch the first stars of the evening glisten in the sky for a magical final sunset.

Bio: Capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph on both land and water, the Quadski is a true amphibious vehicle. Riding the Quadski XL is a unique and exhilarating experience — one that indulges your sense of adventure.