Dior Homme has three new Bogarde bikes designed by Kris Van Assche

Dior Homme x Bogarde for a strong and unique urban riding experience. 

Dior Homme x Bogarde Bikes-

patrick demarchelier for Dior Homme

Every high-end brand must have a bike collaboration. The newest project in the realm of cycling comes from French luxury Maison Dior.

This limited-edition Dior Homme BMX bike is designed by Dior Creative Director Kris Van Assche in collaboration with French manufacturer Bogarde, a Parisian label designing and manufacturing contemporary bikes for adults inspired by 80’s BMX. Tuff, easy to handle with a unique look the BMX bike is a symbol of freedom for a whole generation. Iconic, it is highly represented in the 80’s culture and still strong in our memories.Three years have been necessary for Paris based label Bogarde to develop an 80’s inspired BMX.

The idea was to create a highly evocative object only manufactured with premium materials in order to rediscover the original BMX spirit.

While the bike itself captures the shape of the cult model born in the early Eighties, the chrome finish of this exclusive design also reflects the Dior Homme codes with black and red highlights, as well as the bee design engraved on the handlebars. All Bogarde’s 24’bikes are equiped with premium leather seats and original 24-inch Skyway wheels.

Dior Homme x Bogarde Bikes

Dior Homme and Bogarde collaboration is involving three bicycles, the first of which is available in seventy numbered examples. Utilizing the dimensions of the all-terrain two-wheeler, this exclusive creation with its chrome finish exhibits the Dior Homme codes through black and red details and a bee engraved on the handlebars. Made in France, the bike also features leather details boasting the “Dior” signature which have been produced by the House in Italy.

Bogarde space odyssey Photo by Hugo Comte

Bogarde space odyssey Photo by Hugo Comte facebook.com/hugoo.comte

This year, Bogarde released a new 2017 lookbook to showcase its latest offerings of bikes inspired straight out of Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The bikes boasts sleek and streamlined builds with premium leather seats and 24-inch Skyway wheels, wrote hypebeast.

Bogarde 2017 collection

image: facebook bogardebikes; Photo by Hugo Comte