Dior eyes. Maison’s 100% 3D-printed VR headset.

Dior offers the ultimate immersive experience: Going Backstage with Dior’s 2015 Virtual Reality headset.

dior-eyes-2015 model

Dior announced the creation of its own virtual reality headset called “Dior Eyes”, the world¹s first combination of VR imagery technologies and sound recording in 360°. The French luxury Maison has designed and produced this 100% 3D-printed VR headset in partnership with DigitasLBi Labs. The whole process took them less than 3 months of research and development and prototyping; an approach that lent itself to a speedy execution, advanced materials and a simple and elegant design. “

Going beyond the immersive abilities of existing virtual reality systems,Dior Eyes” provides a unique new experience. The users find themselves backstage at the recent Ready-to-Wear fashion show. The device provides both the most immersive VR experience ever seen, as well as a 360° performance.

dior-eyes-2015 model-DigitasLabBparis dior-eyes-2015 model-DigitasLabBparis-architecture dior-eyes-2015 model-DigitasLabBparis-production

A headset with impressive technical performance, “Dior Eyes” is among the best in the market, say its creators, thanks to the headpiece which embeds a high density screen (515 ppp) providing a 2K image resolution, in other words hardly pixelated, associated with a FOV (Field of Vision) close to 100°.

This technological feat of vision is completed with holophonic audio sound, recorded live in 360° thanks to a binaural microphone that perfectly recreates a “spacious and enveloping” sound sensation following the user’s movements.

dior-eyes-2015 virtual reality dior-eyes-2015 model-DigitaSLBI