The Dior Elixir of Longevity, Now Has A Formula Composed of 89% Natural Ingredients

“L’Or de Vie”, a Dior Skincare Masterpiece Born in Château d’Yquem Vineyards.

“L’Or de Vie”, a @Dior Skincare Masterpiece Born in @Château d’Yquem Vineyards

In 2006 Dior created “L’Or de Vie”, its most exclusive skincare line, infused with the uniqueness of the legendary Château d’Yquem vineyards.

In 2022, glassmaking artist and sculptor Xavier Le Normand elevates this unique meeting in an extraordinary Métiers d’Art Edition of L’Or de Vie La Crème, a tribute to French luxury and savoir-faire. Plus, to complete this exceptional line, Dior has concentrated the precious active ingredients from Vintage 2021 in a new Le Céremonial treatment, an intensive rejuvenation ritual, available in a limited edition, and revisited the formulations for Le Sérum and La Lotion, increasing the percentage of natural ingredients.

For its cosmetics masterpiece, Dior selected precious sap from Château d’Yquem vines.

The active ingredients from the depths of the Yquem soil reveal their potential thanks to Dior science and the art of formulation at its laboratories. The Yquem sap has exceptional antioxidant action. This sap is blended with the “noble ferment” of the grapes, an extract of Botyrtis Cinerea, in the Golden Drop Longevity Technology. Three additional Yquem extracts complete the power of L’Or de Vie: Yquem waxy extract, an aqueous extract of grape marc and an oil extract of grape marc. Together, these five ingredients give L’Or de Vie exceptional effectiveness on the longevity of the skin.

@Dior L’OR DE VIE LE SÉRUM Face and Neck Serum – Exceptional Skincare Masterpiece

A stunning masterpiece, the Métiers d’Art 2022 Edition of L’Or de Vie La Crème celebrates transmission, heritage and savoir-faire. In choosing Xavier Le Normand to reinterpret its unique cream, Dior celebrates the art of glassmaking. The glass artist and sculptor has conceived a jewel that springs from the alchemy between fire and water, inspired by the beauty of the Château d’Yquem vineyards. For this entirely hand-crafted jewel-like jar, blown glass is polished and set with 1,500 individually engraved points. Reprising the exquisite craft of goldsmiths, each meticulously drawn point evokes the essence of a cluster of grapes. This objet d’art has been crafted in an ultra-exclusive limited series of 130 numbered pieces.

For its 2021 vintage, Dior has reinvented the exclusive ritual L’Or de Vie Le Cérémonial. Three formulations sealed in individual bottles prepare, transform and optimize the skin during a one-month treatment. In an elegant case, the three vials, like three drops of gold, are stamped with the Ancestral Yquem Crown seal. An ultimate union of history and terroir, science and luxury, blended like an Yquem grand cru wine, L’Or de Vie Le Cérémonial is produced in a series of 3,430 numbered pieces.

Dior also revisits two icons in even more natural versions. L’Or de Vie Le Sérum, the Dior elixir of longevity, now has a formula composed of 89% natural ingredients. And L’Or de Vie La Lotion has been reinvented in an eco-formulation with over 98% natural origin ingredients.

@Dior L’OR DE VIE LE SÉRUM Face and Neck Serum – Exceptional Skincare Masterpiece