Digital Trends To Look Forward To In 2020



Technology is moving way faster than we can imagine. We have seen a lot of developments in the last year from robotic machines that are making our day to day life and business easier to machines making the health industry a whole lot easy and new. There is so much to look at and guess what more is coming. Here are some of the digital trends to look forward to in 2020.

industrial 5G

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5G Data Networks

You should look forward to fast downloading and stable connections. With the introduction of the 5G mobile data network, it has been limited to certain devices as well as expensive. Most brands are promising to have this in their next releases which is why we should look forward to it. You also have to look forward to WIFI6 making your home and work connection stronger and playing online games or reels of joy online pokies without interruptions.



Autonomy driving

Yes, we have heard about self-driving cars but that is just not all there is to this technology. You should look for more in the coming year. Like more of these self-driving cars with more technology invested in them like automated braking and changing lanes system and a lot more. Don’t expect this in cars too even ships and trucks are going to be autonomous.

Aeolus Robotics Robot CES 2018;

AI service

We have had the use of Artificial Intelligence in most companies, especially in the customer support departments. Customers’ queries are being attended to by machines making it easier for humans. However, be ready to have more of this in the coming year. With robots being part of the staff such that you can actually meet some. Some hotels are already making use of robotic staff but it will be more advanced in the coming year. Even though 2019 is coming to an end. Prepare yourself to play online casino games in 2020 and win real money. Check out online gambling south africa for more information.

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Care OS Smart Mirror;

Predictive medicine

Yes, we have seen AI making a huge change in the medical industry with even smartwatches detecting your heart rates and other things. However, there are more machines that are going to be introduced that will make predicting accurate medication possible. These are called precision medicine and with these doctors can now prescribe medicines accurately and faster too. This is because this AI helps in understanding better different body types and how they can fight diseases quicker. There will be better outcomes for patients because of this technology.