Focus topics of IFA NEXT 2019 – global know-how for the future of technology, business and lifestyle





Focus topics of IFA NEXT, the innovation platform of IFA Berlin 2019.

Smart cities, the future of mobility, artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality – these and many other topics are the focus of IFA NEXT, the innovation platform of IFA, an exciting mix of start-ups, tech companies and research institutions.

WT2 Real-time Wearable Translator

WT2 Real-time Wearable Translator; @Timekettle

Japan leads the way to more co-innovation

IFA NEXT invited fans to discover the broad diversity and strength of Japan’s culture of innovation. Japan is the first partner country of IFA NEXT and thus the official “IFA Global Innovation Partner”.


Giga Ai Assistant 2019

Giga Ai Assistant 2019;

Language assistants: The perfect conversation partner

Language assistance redefines the way products of all kinds are handled: the operation is being increasingly integrated into everyday communication. The control of a device or an entire Smart Home feels like a conversation.

As one of the big players, the US-American company Amazon shows how “Alexa” controls devices and answers questions on almost every topic.

Linkplay Technology, also from the USA, explained how Alexa can be integrated into all kinds of products and how it can make them even more attractive. The company combines speech capability with high-quality streaming modules and programs for trouble-free music listening.

Gigaaa Innovation from Germany presented an alternative to Alexa smart speakers that is supposed to be at least as powerful.  Whether home-automation, product control or the interaction with friends – product developers can use the open architecture of the platform for themselves and adapt it to their own needs.

Also the French manufacturer Archos offers its own assistant for all missions. The appropriately equipped products listen to “Hello”.

Audiogum from Great Britain offers software solutions for manufacturers of audio devices and streaming services. Advanced recommendations, playlisting and natural speech understanding are just a few of the features that make it easy to access audio content.

sonnenrepublik - Powerful, mobile power source for motorhomes, boats,

Powerful, mobile power source for motorhomes, boats;

Mobility of the future

Mobility is one of the major trend topics at IFA Berlin 2019. How do we want to be mobile? What do we need? And how can the modern product world support us with innovative comfort?

Thanks to the New York Casa Innovations Group and Timekettle from China, simultaneous interpreters are always in your ears. Small Bluetooth headsets cooperate with the corresponding smartphone app, which gets its know-how from the internet in real-time. The translation takes place in both language directions. With Timekettle, even four participants can take part in a conversation at the same time.

Mobile by sunlight – the German start-up SEG Sonnenrepublik Energie promises high-performance energy conversion for independent working as well as outdoor or sport pleasure.

The Dutchman Segway and Chinese Inmotion Technologies are also environmentally friendly. They show a selection of battery-powered mini transport vehicles that ensure rapid progress, especially in cities. Whether as big as a single tyre, an electric scooter or a folding bike, here you roll towards the future. The KSR Group from Austria is expanding the topic of electromobility with additional variants. Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and quads round off the e-future portfolio in the IFA NEXT hall.

Cosmo Connected from France makes smart safety and clean mobility even easier. A rear light on a helmet, bicycle or scooter can also be a turn signal and a warning light. In combination with a Bluetooth remote control and a smartphone, the various special functions can be controlled and programmed. The associated app automatically notifies friends in the event of a fall.

Landsmann onTracks supplies a matching innovative navigation system via wristwatch-sized displays anchored to the thumb, which enable cyclists or joggers to find their way around comfortably and safely. Two screens provide different information, thanks to the left-right division they can also vibrate to indicate when to turn off.

Straffr 2019

Straffr 2019;

Digital Health: Fitness meets digital equipment.

The digital and smart revolution has long since reached the trend theme of fitness. Through training optimization, the body should become even more powerful.

From Germany comes the sensational idea of fitness, which makes superhero flights possible. ICAROS uses the entire digital repertoire including virtual reality for this purpose. You put on the 3D glasses and lie down on the dynamic Icaros frame in a push-up-like posture, which reacts to steering impulses from the body in all directions – the journey through galaxies and worlds begins. Every movement is intended to promote muscle building. Various frame variants from home to health allow the combination of game and sport.

The invention of the Swiss startup SPOBI fits into the smartphone. In addition to training suggestions from professionals, your own performance can be shared with the community. Those who master challenges receive rewards in the form of a digital currency, which can be redeemed as a discount on sports products. A round table on this exciting approach was held on stage on 9 September under the theme “Digital Doping”. The focus was on the influence of group dynamics on performance and motivation. Nine start-ups will present their concepts briefly and concisely.

Among these newcomers is STRAFFR from Germany. Here, an elastic sports band equipped with sensors is combined with continuous app management via smartphone. The personalized advice of professionals can improve your own training success.

KnitWarm helps to prevent muscle injuries during sports with electrically heating fabric bands and clothing. The award-winning, breathable and stretchable fabrics from Hong Kong thus help to relax.

Roku 2019

Future TV: Even sharper and more authentic

The IFA traditionally accompanies the development of television and home cinema. IFA NEXT presents the latest techniques and standards that make current and future home cinema even more exciting.

The home cinema world inspires with it is developments and quality leaps. The German TV Platform , an association of well-known players in the field of television and home cinema, provides an overview. In the IFA-NEXT hall they presented the latest standards in a concentrated form.

8K pixel count announces itself as the latest standard for high image sharpness. The booth in a furnished living room clearly showed what the interplay looks like when not only the screen but also the camera shots come up with this brilliant resolution.

The latest color representation can also be experienced live, which appears more nuanced and realistic thanks to the extended color space. The HDR 10, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision versions of the High Dynamic Range are also strikingly impressive. In the separate home cinema you can immerse yourself in the latest multi-channel performance “3D sound”. The recently adopted HDMI standard 2.1 also needs an explanation. The important High Frame Rate (HFR) feature is integrated and will make the obvious TV future even sharper and more authentic.

In addition, the German TV Platform demonstrates an innovative 360° viewing experience based on HbbTV Internet technology. Finally, a showcase of the so-called “Versatile Video Coding” by Fraunhofer HHI provides a glimpse into the near future of video compression. The new procedure is intended to replace HEVC and achieve a compression performance that is around 50 percent better.

Such coding techniques are particularly important for video on demand: Roku from the USA, shows how streaming technology is increasingly shaping home cinema. The VoD provider offers feature films and series by simply docking smart TV onto the internet.