Coren carbon fiber – a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare

Coren carbon fiber – a byke “that the masses couldn’t ignore”


For UBC, a manufacturer of high performance parts for Formula 1 sports cars, Le Mans and the aviation industry, carbon is a material and a passion. Based on UBC’s interest in carbon as its passion for motor racing, the company built its own vehicle – the Coren carbon bike, meant to show the world that there is no limit to what they can do with carbon. Coren teamed up with renowned industrial designer Christian Zanzotti and created a bike “that the masses couldn’t ignore.” The work involved more than just designing a luxury bike frame – but the construction of a complete new bike.

CEO Ulf Bräutigam said he gave Coren’s designers carte blanche when developing the coren, telling them they could more or less ignore the bicycle production rulebook.

“The constraints of design and marketing were completely disregarded duringthe Coren’s development. Our aim was to create a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare. Mission accomplished,” said Ulf Bräutigam.

In Old English, the word coren meant “precious” or “chosen” – a very apt name for this exclusive product,” according to Christian Zanzotti.

The $32,000 coren’s design revolves around the carbon frame comprising top frame tube, base frame tube and seat tube, equipped with the best components from BOR, ENVE, Schmolke, Trickstuff and Tune. Particular highlights include the design of the top tube, the finely detailed cross sections, the joint transitions from seat tube to top tube and the transitions at the steering tube.

The coren’s frame is manufactured in clean room conditions just like motor sport components. The company say it fully document every single element: source, type of material, manufacturing parameters – as well as the name of the processor.