Constellation Quest Ferrari

The maker of the world’s finest mobile phones and the legendary Italian car marque have been creating some of the most thrilling mobile phones and a range of exclusive services giving handset owners access to the exciting world of Ferrari.

For the first time Vertu and Ferrari offer exclusive access to unique Ferrari articles, experiences and events directly through the new launched handset called Constellation Quest Ferrari.

Constellation Quest Ferrari includes Ferrari Engine Coating, Handcrafted Leather, Titanium Battery Cover, Sapphire Crystal Keymat, Rev Counter Inspired Clock, a leather Case, exclusive Ferrari services and unique ringtones. By pressing the dedicated Cavallino key the Constellation Quest Ferrari handset becomes your passport to exclusive Ferrari events and experiences.

Whenever you travel, Vertu City Brief will deliver a list of nearby Ferrari dealerships and authorised garages and services centres, to ensure that you have access to Ferrari wherever you are in the world.