Christopher Raeburn is putting Merino wool centre stage at the London Fashion Week

Woolmark Raeburn

The Woolmark Company announced British designer Christopher Raeburn as its latest designer collaboration for 2016. Merino wool will play a central role in the creation of Christopher Raeburn’s Autumn Winter 2016 womenswear presentation – putting the iconic Merino wool centre stage at the forthcoming London Fashion Week.

Showcasing how Merino wool embraces technological innovation like no other fibre, Raeburn’s Autumn Winter 2016 presentation reframes timeless iconic outerwear and base layering pieces by exploring the technical advances of Merino wool.

Christopher Raeburn menwear 2016 Christopher Raeburn at Selfridges

Raeburn’s dedication to sustainability in fashion, along with his signature reappropriation of fabrics and meticulous attention to historical detail will be highlighted through his use of Merino wool, a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre, to emphasise its adaptability, versatility, wearability and relevance to a modern audience.

“Merino wool has outstanding functionality. It moderates temperature and humidity, manages moisture, is flame resistant, anti-microbial and has a natural crimp for stretch and recovery. No other fibre like Merino wool has a rich heritage driven by innovation and change. Inspired by nature, Merino wool connects contemporary culture with progressive apparel for those who aren’t afraid to experiment,” explained The Woolmark Company in a statement.

Christopher Raeburn 2016-menswear January 2016

The Woolmark Company and Raeburn collaboration will be previewed at the ICA on 23rd February.

The 2015/16 International ‪‎Woolmark Prize womenswear final on 12 February will be held as part of New York Fashion Week. Six finalists from around the world will showcase the versatility and innovation of ‪#‎MerinoWool‬ to an esteemed panel of industry experts.

Christopher Raeburn 2016-menswear Christopher Raeburn 2016