Chiara Andreatti for Fendi Casa: A new Fendi adventure within the world of design

Chiara Andreatti pays homage to the brand’s most famous icons, including Cuoio Romano, Punto Selleria, Lace Up, Pequin, and fur craftsmanship, incorporating them within her home furnishings.

Fendi Casa design miami 2017
To celebrate its tenth edition with Design Miami/, FENDI presents WELCOME!, an open environment on “good living,”featuring furnishings designed by Chiara Andreatti, who is able not only to interpret the Roman Maison’s spirit, but also adopt its creative and aesthetic philosophy, applied on this occasion to product design in limited editions.

WELCOME! is a living room where diverging but complementary epochs and flavors coexist, being made from a wide range of handcrafted and natural materials. In this luxurious environment, enriched by diverse tropical plants, visitors experience an atmosphere evoking both the intimacy and the primordial. It is rural, rarefied luxury, punctuated with high-end, elegantlyrefined elements.

Andreatti interprets FENDI’s most famous icons, such as Cuoio Romano leather, the Selleria stitch, and Pequin, along with fur craftsmanship, incorporating these in her home furnishings, thus creating a survey of the FENDI creative universe. Andreatti uses soft hues and exotic suggestions along with sophisticated craftsmanship in handcrafted materials such as wrought iron, brass, matte white ceramics, glass, and neon, as well as more natural ones, such as walnut, thick bamboo netting, parchment, and natural coco fiber. After thorough archival research, Andreatti has chosen and interpreted, through watercolor illustrations, the most iconic pieces from the previous editions of this beautiful, lasting FENDI adventure within the world of design.

FENDI WELCOME! By Chiara Andreatti - design miami 2017- FENDI WELCOME! By Chiara Andreatti - design miami 2017 FENDI WELCOME! By Chiara Andreatt


images: fendi