Chanel takes to the skies for Spring/Summer 2012 haute couture collection

Are you ready ? Please fasten your seatbelt. The plane will take off…

Chanel flew the fashion crowd sky-high on Tuesday, conjuring up a life-sized plane as the runway for an all-blue spring collection as it headlined day two of the Paris haute couture shows.

Stewards walked the length of the central aisle, offering champagne to Chanel’s guests as they took their seats in the model aircraft, purpose-built inside the Grand Palais exhibition hall.

“I love the plane,” said the globe-trotting couturier. “There’s nothing I find more relaxing. Your neighbours are stuck to their screens, there are no phones — it’s blissfully peaceful.”

Lagerfeld used no fewer than 154 shades of blue for a look defined by wide, soft chimney collars, puffed sleeves, linear silhouettes and low waistlines.

Blue is a palette all in itself,” he said, “the colour of air, of the sky, or the eyes of a little cat” — like the one he was recently given as a gift.

via AFP