A limited-edition vanity box stacked with drawers of jewel-like cosmetics



@Byredo Vanity Box by Byredo, the Swedish company, producing fragrances, leather goods and accessories. Photography: @bohmansjostrand

The Byredo Vanity Box presents the full make-up category: the trio of Eye Compacts, a full array of Byredo Colour Sticks and Lipsticks, the Space Black Eyeliner and the Technical Black Mascara.

Handmade in Sweden from Alder wood, the Byredo vanity exemplifies the pristine properties that characterize Swedish savoir-faire and the European luxury brand founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham. Lift the mirrored lid and each layer, lined with vegetable-tanned leather, presents a category from the Makeup range: the trio of Eye Compacts, a full array of Colour Sticks, Lip Balm and Lipsticks, the Technical Black Eyeliner and the Space Black Mascara. The Byredo Eyeshadow 5 colours is a range of shadows palettes encased within three rippling golden shells that simultaneously evoke glamorous nostalgia and ergonomic modernity.

@Byredo Vanity Box

Every inlay, crafted in a local leather workshop and designed to house the products, is removable so that the box can be repurposed as its owner wishes.

Uniting the elegant Scandinavian aesthetics at the heart of the Swedish beauty brand with the modern glamour of its Makeup, this is the complete embodiment of  the Byredo universe: a harmony between timeless minimalism and a full toolkit for self-expression. The Buredo Makeup products are included in the Vanity Box and will be delivered separately.

@Byredo Vanity Box; Photography: @bohmansjostrand; facebook.com/byredo/

@Byredo Vanity Box;

@Byredo Vanity Box;

@Byredo Vanity Box; facebook.com/byredo/