Blackened Whiskey x Metallica Launch Firts Sonically-Enhanced Cask Strength

Each batch of BLACKENED is sonically-enhanced during the finished phase by its own Metallica playlist, selected and arranged by the band members themselves.

@BLACKENED Whiskey and Metallica Launch Their First Sonically-Enhanced Cask Strength: The Ultimate Whiskey Experience

BLACKENED Whiskey Cask Strength is a Blend of Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys Finished and Sonically-Enhanced in Brandy Casks Bottled at Cask Strength

Fans of Metallica and whiskey enthusiasts, rejoice! BLACKENED Whiskey has announced its first-ever North American release of Cask Strength, a limited edition offering of its signature blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskeys finished and sonically-enhanced in brandy casks. And who better to enhance it than Metallica themselves? The band handpicked a playlist of their own songs to sonically-enhance each batch of BLACKENED Whiskey during the finished phase, providing a unique experience to every bottle.

BLACKENED Whiskey is known for its innovative sonic-enhancement process, which uses Black Noise to produce low hertz sound waves that interact with the oak staves of the finishing barrel, releasing wood compounds and flavors that take the drinking experience to another level. BLACKENED Whiskey Cask Strength features a viscous mouthfeel and an even bolder flavor profile, with notes of rolled oats, vanilla wafer, fig, maple sugar, and toffee on the nose, and hints of walnut, caramel, and vanilla creme on the palate.

This isn’t Metallica’s first foray into the world of whiskey. The band has previously partnered with distilleries such as Sweet Amber and Stone Brewing for signature whiskey and beer releases. And the response to BLACKENED Whiskey has been overwhelmingly positive, with previous limited Cask Strength releases receiving high ratings from Whisky Advocate and Gold from the John Barleycorn Awards.

If you’re a whiskey enthusiast or a Metallica fan (or both!), BLACKENED Whiskey Cask Strength is a must-try. Get your hands on Volume 01 while you can, as each batch is unique and limited in quantity. BLACKENED Whiskey Cask Strength is now available in the U.S. and multiple provinces in Canada, with an SRP of $69.99.

Metallica’s partnerships with various brands in the beverage industry provides several benefits for the band. Firstly, it allows them to diversify their revenue streams and expand their brand beyond music. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for the band to engage with their fans in a unique way, offering them a product that is closely associated with the band and its values. Finally, it provides a platform for the band to promote their music and connect with new fans who may not have been exposed to their music before.

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By partnering with brands in the beverage industry, Metallica can also leverage the popularity of these products to expand their reach and visibility, reaching a wider audience than they would be able to through music alone. Additionally, these partnerships can create additional revenue streams for the band, which is especially important in an industry where touring and album sales may not always be enough to sustain a successful career.

Overall, these partnerships can provide Metallica with numerous benefits, including financial gain, increased brand visibility, and the opportunity to connect with fans in a unique way.

Metallica has been involved in other partnerships in the beverage industry. In addition to their collaboration with BLACKENED Whiskey, they have also partnered with Stone Brewing to create their own beer called Enter Night Pilsner. The beer was released in early 2019 and has been a hit with fans of both Metallica and craft beer. Metallica has also released their own brand of wine, called And Justice For All, which is a Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is produced by the award-winning winemaker, Mark Ryan McNeilly, and has received positive reviews from wine critics.

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