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What file formats do you prefer to save your documents in? .Doc, .rtf, .docx? There are plenty of format at your disposal. Still, when it comes to sharing files, the vast majority of users opt for the PDF format. This versatile file format is rightly regarded as the best one for sharing documents online. PDF is both secure and compatible with virtually any operating system, platforms, and software users use to view documents. PDF files are easily accessible and reader-friendly.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding its undeniable benefits, PDF is not that easy to edit and make changes to. That is when PDF editors come in handy. Presently, you can avail yourself of a wide range of reliable PDF editors that can help you incorporate necessary changes to original PDF documents in no time. Since currently most users use Windows 10, we’re going to review the editors that are best compatible with the given version of Windows. For additional information, refer to our full article on RocketFiles. Moreover, on RocketFiles, you’ll find a more extensive list of the best free PDF editors for Windows 10.

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Xodo PDF Reader and Editor – Ease-to-use Freeware

We’ve decided to open our list of the best Windows 10 apps for editing PDF files with one of the most efficient tools that can be downloaded for free. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor hit the market not so long ago, but has already become popular with lots of users. The program supports annotations that can be viewed once you decide to shift some other PDF reader. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is an excellent solution for those who value privacy and security. The program enables you to mark up the created documents wherewith digital ink and password-protect them. Moreover, Xodo can help you save your unique signature across multiple files, which can speed up the process of signing documents. The program is available free of charge from the Microsoft official website.

foxit phantom pdf 2019

Foxit PhantomPDF – Edit and Manage

If you’re into truly powerful PDF editing tools that can not only annotate your documents, but also arrange and put together the content of different files, you should definitely set your sights on Foxit PhantomPDF. The program lets you edit and encrypt your PDF document’s content when necessary. It also can help you scan of a required PDF and incorporate any changes to it. The benefits of the software in questions are plentiful. Still, you should keep in mind that Foxit Phantom is commercial software. So, after the trial 14-day period elapses, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using the program for one year. As of 2019, the standard version of Foxit Phantom is about $130.

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Foxit MobilePDF – Lightweight and Handy

With smartphones and other portable gadgets being on the crest of the wave of popularity, most developers come up with lightweight PDF editing solutions that can run smoothly on portable devices. If you need such a tool, Foxit MobilePDF is at your service. Along with such standard features as edit, annotating, and protect your PDFs, Foxit MobilePDF offers such options as zooming and searching text. The program enables you to create PDFs from scratch and convert the files to such common formats as .doc and .docx. The app can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.

drawboard pdf 2019

Drawboard PDF – Professional Editing

Drawboard PDF is a top-notch PDF editing app that can cover the needs of the most demanding user. It is packed with such advanced options as bookmarks, shape inserts, digital inking support, page rotation, and ability to mark up any PDF on Windows 10. The program allows you to reorder and merge several PDFs into one. You can also take advantage of in-built templates which enable you mark up your documents in a more efficient manner. You can start using the application for $12 per year. Still, to enjoy the full range of features, you may need to upgrade to Drawboard PDF Pro, which is $25 per year.

Hope that with our help you’ll be able to choose the tool that can best cover your needs when it comes to PDFs.

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