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Superior skin care – luxurious creams with anti-aging effect

While you sleep, the active ingredients of the night cream fulfill their mission so that in the morning you wake up bright and smiling.  Whether you’re looking for a moisturizer, dark spot correcting serum, or wrinkle crème, a lot can be found in the vast array of night creams available. The selection of facial care products represents “la creme de la creme” in terms of solutions for mature skin:

LA MER – Night Cream
Creme de La Mer – 250 ml
This legendary cream has inspired a cult. Creme de la Mer’s formula was born out of necessity. Dr.Huber fervently seeked a solution in order to cure personal skin problems. Thus appeared this rich cream that soothsensitive skin, helping to treat the driest complexions and considerably renew skin’s appearance. Regardless of condition, the skin will benefit from exclusive treatment. Evan in the present each “Creme de La Mer” opal box is filled manually to maintain its delicate balance.

* The cream is enriched with marine ingredients, vitamins and formulas vital to maintaining skin suppleness
* The fine texture is absorbed immediately into the skin
* Nourishes skin and maintain optimal cellular hydration
* Effect: skin becomes soft, smooth and revitalized
* How to apply LA MER: twice a day, morning and evening.
Price: $ 1,122.00

Carita Diamant de Beaute cream
Diamond Beaute 50ml/1.69oz

* Carita is an anti-aging cream with rejuvenating effect;
* The cream contains an innovative formula with mineral, greens and bio-technological ingredients
* Helps correct the appearance of aging skin spots;
* Formula Beaute Carita Diamond prevents the future loss of skin collagen
* Contains a patented blend of minerals & tourmaline
* Helps revive skin micro-circulation
* Contains an infusion of diamond powder to visible illuminate skin
* Provides a precious formula of nutrients to improve skin density
* The cream is enriched with Blue Lotus original cells that will become a shield against free radicals & glycation process;
* Create firmer, smoother-looking ageless skin;
Price: $ 556.50;

By combining three exceptional sources, Carita provides cell longevity recreation and actively supports the weakened tissue, reconstructing a “new skin”. The skin seems to revive, as would be regenerated from within. It is firmer and smoother. Wrinkles and blemishes are reduced, revealing a skin that attracts admiring glances. Brighter than ever, incredibly clean and smooth, your face will become the center of everyone’s attention.

Clinical trials:
78% of volunteers noticed a progressive long-term effect after 28 days of use and 86% of women experienced a positive change after 56 days of use *
# 95% of respondents said they have a more attractive appearance
# 91% said skin is brighter and more beautiful
# Buds of Sequoia and Blue Lotus reduced skin damage resulted from free radical damage while increasing skin density by 52%.
* Tests conducted on 57 women aged between 40-60 years.


Christian Dior – DiorSnow – Nightcare
Intensive Night Concentrate DiorSnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Intensive Night Concentrate 30ml/1oz

* DiorSnow is a highly concentrated night solution for whitening skin
* Helps achieve uniformity, brightness, hydration, smoothness, reduced appearance of “soft” skin
* Contains T.E.C. formula – Transparency Enhancing Complex that will improve transparency
* Helps from the interior stop the formation of spots
* Skin looks brighter after just one day of using
* Remove spots on face (the existing and emerging) after a month of use appropriate
* Reveal a skin free of blemish.
Price: ~$ 133.

Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide cream
Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift and Firm Eye Cream 14.4g/0.5oz

* An weightless and very intense eye contour cream
* The distinctive properties inclunde: lifting, firming and plumping effects
* The target: fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes
* Removes puffiness and dark circles
* Provides SPF 15 protection against harmful sun rays
* Finally you have obviously improved eye contour
Price: $ 59

Shiseido Concentrate Nourishing Cream 30ml/1oz

* Filled with Bio-Hyaluronic acid – an exlcusive moisturizer
* Contains natural oils
* Restores skin, moisturizing it heavily
* Stores vital nutrients into the skin
* Penetrates quickly
* Effect: elastic skin, smooth, healthy and attractive
* The cream is the perfect solution for dry skin
* Shiseido Concentrate Nourishing Cream formula reduces the risk of developing allergies
Price: $ 67.50

SK II Cream

Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream Rich Cream 50g/1.7oz
* A lavish intensive cream with non-sticky texture
* Supports naturally the skin and the facial tonus
* Created with sterols from rice, Signaline & Pitera
* Helps skin hydration and brightness, firmness and fine texture recovering
* Effects: skin is re-shaped and revitalized
Price: $ 163.50.


Orlane – Anagenese 25 +
Orlane Anagenese 25 + First Time-Fighting Care 50ml/1.7oz

* A soft cream with liquid texture that will counteract the signs of aging
* Orlane Cream is developed taking into account scientific research on cellular growth & aging factors
* Contains indredients like crinopexy & protects & regulates the skin cell growth
* Supports the production of collagen, regenerates skin cells and revitalizes skin brightness
* Orlane – Anagenese 25 + formula contains vitamins A and E and a bio-marine complex, plus trace elements and minerals to nourish and help regenerate skin
* Effect: Provides a sleek & youthful looking complexion.
Price: $ 72.50.


Lancome Serum
Lancome High Resolution 5X Intense Collagen Collaser-30ml/1oz

* An anti-aging serum inspired by the latest innovations in laser therapy
* Anti-wrinkle serum is created with a new complex of Rice Peptides and Alfalfa extract, Co-Enzyme R & Vitamin Cg
* Activates the five main types of collagen that make up 80% of the collagen in the skin
* Noticeably Fills up & minimizes wrinkles
* Creates a younger looking skin, uniformly-toned
Price: $ 67.


Gatineau Cream
Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Concentrate (Mature Skin) 25ml/0.85oz

* An extremely powerful anti-aging concentrate
* Helps reduce wrinkles and problems such as loss of firmness, dehydration and matte complexion
* Reduces brown spots, uniforms brightness
* Acts on polypeptides, small proteins that manage skin functions
* Refreshes natural resistance force of recovery & repair
* Improves skin texture, which results in a fresh complexion, porcelain glaze, healthy coloration
* Skin is more resistant, looks younger, like after a facelift procedure.
* Gatineau Cream – Age Benefit is ideal for mature skin.
Price: $ 164.5.


Helena Rubinstein Cream – Collagenist – Night
Collagenist V-Lift Tightening Replumping (all skin types) 50ml/1.69oz
* A cream enriched with collagen
* Has immediate lifting and firming effect
* Reduces blemishes and signs of aging
* Minimizes the appearance of loose skin
* Create a skin with a new shape, evenly toned and more stronger to fight with aging
* Helena Rubinstein – Collagenist V-Lift Tightening Replumping is suitable for all skin types
Price: $ 106.5.



Clinique Cream – Repairwear
Repairwear Lift Firming Night Cream (for dry / combination) 50ml/1.7oz
* Regenerates skin during sleep
* Helps increase collagen production
* Increasea skin firmness and strength
* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Effect: less slack and elastic skin
Price: $ 73.



Kanebo Cream – Night skin care
Kanebo Impress Cream Excellent 30g/1oz

* Provides a complete solution for all the problems of the aging skin
* Intensely nourishes and revitalizes epidermis
* Improves skin tone & condition
* Promotes overall well-being of skin
Price: $ 387



Juvena Master Cream 75ml/2.5oz

* Cream developed with SkinNova technology
* Helps arouse skin’s own stem cells
* Provides a micro-environment for cell growth
* Strengthens natural renewal potential of cells
* Refreshes skin by enhancing its cellular structure
* Improves skin quality, density and ability to protect
* Create a firm and elastic skin.
* It is a perfect moisturizer for all skin types.
Price: $ 263.


Guinot Cream
Age Logic Cellulaire Intelligent Cell Renewal 50ml/1.6oz

* The first treatment ever created to realy fight against cellular aging
* Stimulates metabolism and cell renewal thanks to Cellular Life Concentrate
* Rich in anti-glycation agents to fight against loss of skin elasticity and firmness
* Provides vitamins C, E and antioxidants to combat free radicals
* Effect: A smooth and soft skin , revitalized with a healthy glow
* For mature skin
Price: $ 137.


Pevonia Botanica Night Cream
Timeless gift: Repair Cream 50ml, 30ml Repair Serum, Eye Contour Cream 30ml 3 pcs.

* 1x Timeless Repair Cream 50ml
* 1x Timeless Repair Serum 30ml
* 1x Timeless eye contour 30ml
Price: $ 330.50.

Shu Uemura Cream
Shu Uemura Phyto-Black Lift Renewing Firming 50ml/1.6oz
* An excellent anti-aging night cream
* Helps constant skin regeneration and restoration of its functions when sleeping
* Relieves tired skin and keeps a constant degree of hydration during night
* Perfect cream for all skin types
Price: $ 163.50.



L’Occitane Cream
Immortelle Divine 50ml/1.7oz
L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream proposes a new patented anti-aging formula;
* Contains essential oils and organic immortelles myrtle extract;
* Helps recover skin flexibility and firmness;
* Renew the mature force;
* Contains a concentrated plant oil that provide a satin texture and superior hydration;
* After regular use skin will have a fresh, bright and revitalized appearance.
Price: $ 119.

La Prairie – Platinum Rare Night Cream
Cellular Cream Platinum Rare 50ml/1.7oz
* Skin care is revolutionized with La Prairie Platinum Rare cream;
* Restores the skin’s electrical balance to defy the passage of time, wrinkles, blemishes and deformities
* Cream is equipped with Unique Smart Crystals. They defense skin DNA to reduce appearance of lines & wrinkles;
* Hydration Agent ensures optimal moisture at a continuously level
* After using Cellular Cream Platinum Rare the skin looks much younger, blemishes and wrinkles are minimized.
Price: $ 970.