Best of luxury soaps – having fun under the shower

One of the best ways to begin or end the day…is under the shower. And can be luxurious if you have the right company, besides your boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, you can transform a banal moment into one with powerfull meanings ( sensual and sexual ).
A luxury soap may be the liasson between both of you . Have you ever discover your partner body in this way ? Make a try…and you can bring “luxury” in your very own bath. For this very special momment we have chosen for you some of the best luxury soaps which are available now. Arm yourself with tenderness, pacience, love and a bar of creamy and foamy soap and begin this unique experience. Bellow, our suggestions of one of the best luxury soaps ever made for YOU!

Chanel fragrances women can be found in their soap line too. Unfortunattly they removed the Allure for men soap from their range ( we wanted it back! ), so if you want to scratch your boyfriend you must not be a selfish girl. He ‘ll aprecitate this. Chose from No 5, Coco, Mademoiselle Coco, Allure or No 19.

Guerlain has maintained the soaps from Habit Rouge range and Shalimar range – so you can have both you own soap. Hardly you can find also L’instant soap ( for woman only ).

Amouage is one of the newest apparition on the luxury beauty niche – but one of the best of available.  Why : because all the lines are made without budget limit and they are made using the best of everything – and the result are awsome – from perfumes to bath line. They have a propousal for both of you – Dia, Gold, Reflection, Jubilation. Feel yourself  like a real king or queen!

Hermes has a large range from you can choose to. Concentrante both of you on unisex smell such as Eau de Orange Verte. Also you can have the options 24 Faubourg , Caleche , Eau De Merveilles or Terre D’Hermes.

Tom Ford‘s welcome message to his funs : “Jump in the Shower”. Tom Ford’s Nerolli Portofino is unisex and also very promissing – one of a kind experience.

Christian Dior‘s fans can find their favourite luxury soaps wearing signatures as Fahrenheit or Eau Savage. For ladies : Addict or J’adore.

In the end, we found some very good material and we want to share with you- about how to  continue this luxury experience.