Best of Luxury Makeup Brands in 2023

@Chanel Beauty

You just bought the home of your dreams and are ready to celebrate after Black Tie Moving dropped off the last of your furniture. What better way to remember this important occasion than by going to a nice, fancy dinner? You have picked out what you want to wear, but you’re finding it hard to decide which makeup to go with.

Makeup products are designed to make us feel even more beautiful. Here is the best of luxury makeup brands in 2023.

@Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford

Since 2005, Tom Ford has been making waves in the world of luxury. If you’re a lover of high-end makeup brands, Tom Ford certainly will not disappoint. They offer products specially designed for each part of your face and for every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or a full-glam look, Tom Ford’s beauty line offers it all. With an enormous amount of positive reviews for Tom Ford’s products, they are well worth the cost. Tom Ford is known for its stunning, vibrant colors that last throughout the night.

@Chanel Beauty

Chanel Beauty

Timeless. Classic. Chanel. Chanel has come a long way since its hat boutique that opened in 1910. There’s a reason Chanel has only grown over the last century. Their products are high-quality and exude luxury and prestige.

Chanel specializes in creating makeup products that are iconic. The heavy, dark eyeliner and subtle foundations they produce are sure to make anyone stop and look at you with awe. There is a power behind wearing Chanel, and each product is worth every penny.



A little over a decade after Chanel’s debut, Gucci was founded. Gucci first launched makeup products in 2014, but this doesn’t mean they lack quality or prestige. Their makeup line took the world by storm after 5 years of silence in 2019 with the launch of new, original and stunning products.

They are well known for their colorful, lasting lipsticks which are named after old Hollywood actresses, Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow being a couple. They recognize that makeup shades and design defeat the concept of time. Gucci is helping to make the classic, Hollywood look a permanent fixture.

@Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty designs their makeup to not conceal imperfections, but to allow your true beauty to shine through. This reputable brand prides themselves on appreciating the different, unique features for everyone.

Their principles, “simple elegance and natural grace,” encourage women everywhere to love the skin they’re in. Armani Beauty’s products are fit for all skin types and provide a way to express your natural self without shame.

@Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a beauty brand that has a heart for helping our world – not just creating makeup products. They are heavily involved in social and environmental concerns, making them a brand that truly gives back.

Their products are both stunning and long-lasting. Their noble mission to help save the world and create products that make each consumer feel beautiful make the price tag on them worthy. For more information on their environmental impact, check out their commitments page.

@Yves Saint Laurent Beauty