5 Ideas for a Luxurious Self-Care Day


You’ve been so busy lately with moving to a new city and starting a new business. After Black Tie Moving drops off the last of your furniture, it’s time to set aside some time for yourself.

Here are 5 ideas for a luxurious self-care day.

Start with a Morning Yoga Class

Attending a peaceful and rejuvenating morning yoga class is the perfect way to ease into your perfect self-care day. Yoga helps you to feel more energized and mindful almost instantly. Flowing away your morning allows you the opportunity to start your day with an intention of peace and tranquility.

Beginning your day with yoga also ensures you move your body and get in some physical activity. You don’t have to run a marathon to exercise, challenge your body in a more relaxed, calm environment.

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Indulge in an Upscale Brunch

There’s no such thing as a luxury self-care day without a high-end brunch. After you pack up your yoga mat, head to your favorite breakfast bistro or café to treat yourself with a savory, nutritious breakfast. You’ll want to be fueled up for the day ahead of you.

Splurge when it comes to brunch time. It’s never too early for champagne, so don’t feel bad if you order a mimosa or two. End your luxury brunch with an espresso or café latte to give you that little extra boost of energy.

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Hit the Spa

Before your day of luxury, schedule an appointment at your favorite spa. Spoil yourself when it comes to what treatments you select. Start with a hot stone massage and follow it up with a facial and pedicure. You want to feel your absolute best inside and out.

Many spas have professional aestheticians on staff, so don’t stop at the body treatments. Get dolled up by a professional for your elegant evening to come. Even if you’re a master at makeup, it’s always fun to have someone else do it for you. After all, this is your day to get pampered.

Grab a Drink with Friends

Once you leave the spa feeling fresh and beautiful, call your friends to grab a cocktail at your favorite restaurant. Consider sitting bar-side to make it more of an experience for you and your friends.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are plenty of wineries to choose from. Sit outside in the vineyard, sun on your face, swirling your favorite glass of Cabernet. You want this day to feel like a movie, and you’re the main star.

Dine in Luxury

Your day of luxury should conclude with a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant. You’ll want to make reservations in advance, so you don’t have to wait. This day is all about convenience and ease, so set yourself up to accomplish this.

Forget about calories on your self-care day. Order the appetizer, eat the bread, and enjoy the pasta. Once your main course is finished, ask for the dessert menu. Choose what your heart desires and finish the evening with a glass of champagne.

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