Bell Helicopter’s flagship 525 Relentless offers the quietest ride of any VIP helicopter

For their new flagship VIP rotorcraft, Bell Helicopter adopted the best features of business jets in order to make helicopter travel a very pleasant experience.

Bell Helicopter's new flagship VIP helicopter 525 Relentless

The 525 Relentless is projected to achieve a maximum cruising speed of 186 mph. The most luxurious version of the cabin was presented during last year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The seven-seat cabin designed by Mecaer Aviation Group featured a 88-square-foot passenger space which can be configured to seat as many as 20 passengers. This VIP helicopter cabin with leather seats and wood cabinets is equipped with a noise- and vibration-canceling system. As a result, pasengers will carry on conversations without using passive noise attenuating headsets.

“The Bell 525 is taking luxury helicopter transport to a new level,” said Patrick Moulay, executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing for Bell Helicopter. “Along with the MAGnificent interior, the Bell 525 provides an unprecedented level of luxury, style, and comfort and introduces enhanced features and technology that set the Bell 525 apart from any other VIP aircraft.”

Bell Helicopter's new flagship VIP helicopter 525 Relentless

MAG provides Bell 525 customers with multiple options and configurations for this interior. Customers can choose from a variety of finishings and seating configurations with options, including:

  • An In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge (I-FEEL), with working internal Wi-Fi, Moving Maps, Audio/Video Functions, Ambient Light Controls, and ICS Isolation, all of which may be controlled from the user’s paired smart device or smartwatch, allowing ease of conducting business;
  • Electro-Chromic Window Controls that fade from Clear to Full Tint and are controlled by a paired smart device or smartwatch to provide a tailor-made environment;
  • A Speech Interference Level Enhanced Noise System (SILENS) interior panel with a limousine-style privacy window;
  • Large central- and aft-facing cabinets with additional storage and monitors that retract into the console.

The Bell 525 Relentless, featuring the ARC Horizon flight deck system, provides unparalleled crew situational awareness through the use of a fully integrated avionics flight deck coupled with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system.

With its ARC Horizon flight deck, pilots have superb crew situational awareness, further enhancing the safety of flight. Additionally, the Bell 525’s LIVE rotor hub technology has the Bell 525 best-in-class for low noise and vibration allowing conversations without strain.Bell Helicopter's new flagship VIP helicopter 525 Relentless-


Bell Helicopter's new flagship VIP helicopter 525 Relentless - experimental


At the end of January, the first Bell 505 Jet Ranger X production aircraft successfully achieved first flight in Mirabel, bringing the Bell 505 one step closer to taking to the skies with its new owner. After completing flight tests, it will move to the Aircraft Completion Center for the next step – painting.

Bell Helicopter's new flagship VIP helicopter 525 Relentless - cabin interior