This new space hotel with décor by Philippe Starck opens a thriving network of commercial activity in Low Earth Orbit

The human dream of universal access to living and working in space has drawn one step closer.


A Room with A View: Axiom Space’s new space hotel will feature décor by interior designer Philippe Starck.

Private astronauts have rocketed into orbit for decades, but none has ever commanded a space mission, let alone piloted a commercial vehicle full of millionaire space tourists.

Axiom Space, the world’s leading privately-owned space exploration company, will develop its commercial space station at the Houston Spaceport, a deal that could help spur long-held ambitions for turning the spaceport into a hub of aerospace activity. Axiom Space is also launching the first space tourism program that will fly individuals on expeditions to the International Space Station (ISS).

Orbiting 250 miles above the Earth’s surface and traveling over 17,000 miles per hour, the Axiom Station is a commercial laboratory and residential infrastructure in space that will serve as a home to microgravity experiments, critical space-environment materials testing, and private and professional astronauts alike. Axiom Station will also host a space hotel designed by visionary creator Philippe Starck.

Axiom Space Hotel Interior with décor by interior designer Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck had one theme in mind when designing Axiom crew accommodations: multi-directional freedom. The egg-like structure symbolizes nest-like comfort complete with unobstructed views of our home planet — the first such place for humans to truly contemplate our place in the Cosmos.

The “Axiom Segment” of ISS will become home base for professional astronauts and private explorers and will enable universal access to living and working in space. This new commercial platform will provide a microgravity environment for research, exploration and future manufacturing. The station will significantly expand the usable and habitable volume on-station and upgrade it with a 360-degree, windowed Earth observatory. The segment will eventually detach and operate as a free-flying station when the ISS is decommissioned, providing a state-of- the-art platform for a commercial future in low Earth orbit.

Axiom Space Hotel Interior with décor by interior designer Philippe Starck

“Axiom focuses on space research and trying to find solutions to democratize space. I’m thrilled to play a part in this project, space is the intelligence of the future.” – Philippe Starck.

“A commercial platform in Earth orbit is an opportunity to mark a shift in our society similar to that which astronauts undergo when they see the planet from above. Our goal is to advance the state of humanity and human knowledge. I am glad to see the Axiom team, with its advanced human spaceflight, engineering, and operations expertise, recognized for its potential to do just that and build off of ISS.” – Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, Executive Chairman – Axiom.

Axiom Space Hotel Interior with décor by interior designer Philippe Starck

Earlier in 2020, Axiom launched its first expedition to the ISS.

According to globetrender, a ten-day space missions with Axiom cost US$55 million. This pays for transportation to and from the ISS, all elements needed to enjoy the experience while in orbit, and a 15-week transformational training experience with astronauts that each passenger must complete.

It’s been five years since NASA first seriously suggested the idea of commercial expansion of the International Space Station, and at the end of January 2020 they announced an agreement with Axiom Space to begin designing the extension with launches happening possibly as early as 2024.

Renowned space YouTuber Scott Manley covers the news.

Axiom Space Hotel Interior with décor by interior designer Philippe Starck