Archery, rowing, grass hockey and Basque pelota: Reinvented Sports by Loewe

LoeweSport Masculine Fragrances Collection. A Gentleman’s sport for the 21st century.

A big percent of the future is made by reinventing the past. Spanish luxury house Loewe has taken a nostalgic look into the future with the unveiling of the new sports eaux de toilette Collection, reimagined by Loewe in-house nose Emilio Vameros.

Archery, rowing, grass hockey and Basque pelota are true gentlemen’s sports known for their unique character and long tradition. These four sports are represented by four Spanish sport champions, playing the role of new Loewe Sport ambassadors for four iconic masculine fragrances reinvented for the new series. Javier Hernanz is representing canoeing (5 World Medals, 3 European Medals, 14 times Spanish champion), Jordi Bargalló (4 times World Champion, 4 times European Champion, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 2 Supercups) is the grass hockey superhero, Iñaki Osa (6 times World Champion, 4 times Spanish Champion, 4 Triple Crowns) is the face for jai-alai, while Arturo Gracia is the archery champion.

The aesthetics of early 20th century sports competitions was the source of inspiration for this new Loewe film. Celebrated costume designer Paco Delgado (nominated for an Oscar in 2013), created vintage attire and elegant uniforms rending homage to the athletes of days gone by.

The new eau de toilette series includes: Loewe Pour Homme Sport, Esencia Loewe Sport, Solo Loewe Sport and 7 Loewe Sport. Watch the beautiful film above.

This month, Loewe presents FRAGMENTS OF A STORY: a touring exhibition that showcases landmarks from the brand’s history in an installation curated by Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa with pictures by Sheltens & Abbenes. The exhibition is not structured around a flat chronological timeline. Instead, it takes the form of a dazzling maze of mirrors and images in which visitors are invited to explore key moments from a variety of angles.