An in-depth look at the luxury kitchen trends impacting home design


Kitchen customization and design reflective of personality rather than common home trends is important to all the luxury clientele.

Custom kitchens are on the rise, statement pieces are the new standard to bring individuality to design, and sleek, modern appliances are replacing the cookie-cutter designs of kitchens past. These are the findings of JennAir’s inaugural trend report, offering an in-depth look at the luxury kitchen trends impacting home design throughout the nation. The results make a clear statement that today’s modern luxury consumers are more passionate than ever about customizing a kitchen that is bespoke to their personalities and breaks through the monotony of basic materials and finishes.

The survey, conducted on behalf of JennAir by Wakefield Research, included 500 luxury interior designers and architects, with 250 across the U.S., and an additional 50 in each of five markets — New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Dallas.

“With this trend report, we aimed to highlight how today’s modern luxury consumers’ desires have evolved in the past year,” said Lauren Bigger, senior brand marketing manager, JennAir. “The results push us further down the path of progress and suggest that, with more time being spent at home, our customers are craving a space that reflects their personalities.”

A Growing Desire for Individuality in Design

Luxury designers and architects know their clients are looking to stand out from the crowd, setting the stage for appliances that can transform kitchens into bold, individualized spaces.

  • 90% of designers and architects agree that their clients are more focused on designing a space that reflects their own personality than the resale value of the design;
  • 89% say customizing a kitchen design plan has become more important to clients over the past 1-2 years;
  • 58% say clients are asking for a home that reflects their personality more than a home that reflects common trends;

Prioritizing Form & Function

For modern luxury consumers, the marriage of form and function is key. This year has marked a renewed interest in appliances that set kitchens apart— with consumers willing to pay the price.

  • 90% agree that clients are looking for statement pieces to make their kitchens stand out from the crowd;
  • 98% agree that appliances should be as beautiful as they are functional;
  • 51% of architects and designers say sleek and modern appliances are the most common growing trend in 2021.

The Impact of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 touched every industry, and with more time spent in the home and kitchen than ever before, consumer design preferences also transformed.

  • 73% of designers and architects say COVID-19 at least somewhat impacted client’s design preferences;
  • 60% of respondents say client interest increased for professional-style kitchen appliances since the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • 43% say clients are asking for more advanced technology features in kitchen build outs than prior to the pandemic;
  • 63% of designers and architects are predicting demand for urban living is more likely to increase over the next 12 months as the COVID-19 pandemic eases.

Regional Spotlight

Top industry trends vary by region, as designers and architects are tailoring kitchen designs to meet the unique expectations of their local clients. The JennAir trend report separately surveyed five markets — New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Chicago —to uncover region-specific insights.

Price Tag. Trends come at a cost, and it’s one clients are willing to pay. Designers and architects report their clients budget an average of $20,211 for the perfect suite of appliances. In fact, 30% say their clients are willing to spend more than $20,000, with NYC- (16%) and LA-based (20%) designers and architects particularly likely to report clients willing to pay more than $50,000.

On Location. Sleek and modern appliances are specifically popular in NYC (64%) and Chicago (54%). NYC (88%) and Chicago (84%) are most likely to strongly or completely agree that high-end kitchen appliances should be as beautiful as they are functional. In LA (60%) and Miami (54%), consumers are particularly interested in marble countertops, with the results suggesting that consumers are prioritizing kitchen finishes as design accents.

Trending In Texas. Architects and designers in Dallas (50%) place professional, restaurant-grade appliances as their top trend, and place higher-end appliances (46%) as the top kitchen design feature clients are now asking for.

Expert Opinion. With respect to appliances, designers and architects in NYC (54%), LA (66%) and Dallas (56%) place glass and mirrored kitchen design accent panels as the top design feature they would recommend to achieve a personalized space, while those in Miami (54%) and Chicago (56%) say distinctive interior lighting is the top design feature they would recommend.