Four kitchen accessories to master the art of alfresco dining


Four kitchen accessories to join the legion of home cooks mastering the art of alfresco dining.  Transform your garden into the ultimate family hang-out spot with these outdoor accessories.

Pizza night is ready to go with one-touch gas ignition and adjustable heat controls.

uelled by gas for ultimate ease and control, Ooni’s Koda 16 pizza oven is crafted from commercial grade, cold-rolled carbon steel with a durable and fully insulated powder-coated finish, allowing it to reach impressive temperatures that cook pizza in just 60 seconds – all you need to do is decide on your favourite toppings.

All the performance and power of a standard brick oven in a compact and more practical design.

Sage’s The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is the first domestic benchtop oven allowing you to cook authentic wood fired-style pizzas at home. Seven preset modes are included, replicating the optimum environment for producing everything from thin and crispy homemade varieties to ones that could be straight off the streets of New York. The dynamic deck expertly maintains an even cooking temperature, allowing you to achieve classic, lightly charred results in just two minutes.

@Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Set

Complete with the cast iron Outdoor Oven – perfect for pizzas – and a grill, Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor set includes a large outdoor table on wheels to facilitate moving it around the patio. Underneath there is plenty storage for pre-cut wood and, most importantly, utensils and condiments.

@RTA Outdoor Living MOKS


Outdoor kitchens are in high demand for grilling season.

To address this growing desire and time constraint for enhanced outdoor hosting, RTA Outdoor Living—the leader in custom prefabricated outdoor kitchens and cooking appliances—launched MOKS (Modular Outdoor Kitchen System). MOKS is a complete, ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchen that allows consumers to choose from various design layouts in one of six colors, then order, receive, and assemble for use all in just a week.

MOKS’ patent-pending modular installation and design brings dream outdoor kitchens to life with a simple, 60-minute or less assembly process that requires only a screwdriver and as few as two people. The panels simply slide together and then lock to provide optimal structural integrity and rigidity once the base unit is complete.

@OONI Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven