Garrard Royal Heritage, Wings Reflection and Royal Style in the Making


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Spread your wings this summer with playful and elegant jewels from Garrard’s Wings collection. The ear climbers in particular are statement pieces.

Wings Reflection are uplifting jewels with passion and personality.

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Garrard introduced colour to its Wings Embrace designs, balancing iconic silhouettes with the most delicate shades of precious stone.

Inspired by the iridescent colours cast as light passes through crystal, the newest designs from the House are a fresh take on the much–loved collection. Calibré cut pink and yellow sapphires and aquamarines create a seamless shimmer of colour that catches the eye within the openwork of angel wings.

The stones’ setting is just as beautiful, their pale tones perfectly matching white, rose or yellow gold. The overall effect is subtle and delicate. It adds grace to the angel wings while balancing their bold silhouette, resulting in a look that is cool and contemporary, yet infused with the symbolism of peace purity and protection.

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“Wings is both a beautiful and meaningful collection,” said Sara Prentice, Garrard Creative Director. “When we add a design we want to make sure it builds on what we’ve already achieved, so we’ve taken care in enhancing the popular Wings Embrace pieces to include the coloured gemstones. The intricacy of the stonework is part of what makes these new designs so special. We’ve worked very closely
with the team in the House workshop to create something that looks and feels very modern, but that also showcases the expert craftsmanship Garrard is renowned for.”

“The ear climbers in particular are statement pieces,” says Claire Scott, Head of Design. “Their bold shape draws attention to the face. It’s a more unusual style but one that is really popular with our clients – the kind of woman who exudes a sense of effortless glamour. For a more everyday extravagance there’s the pendant held on a simple chain.” Whatever you decide, these jewels have a richness of symbolism that has made Wings such a popular choice for important birthdays or significant occasions.

Kensington Palace exhibition; ‘Royal Style in the Making’

Garrard partners with Historic Royal Palaces for new Kensington Palace exhibition; ‘Royal Style in the Making’

When the partnership between designer and royal client is successful, it creates style that is unforgettable. Walpole member Garrard is a partner in a special and unique insight into the rarefied world of atelier and luxury accessories. ‘Royal Style in the Making’ features items from the archives of some of the most celebrated royal couturiers of the 20th century, created for three generations of royal women – showcasing how luxury brands, like Garrard, marry tradition and innovation when it comes to luxury design.

Throughout its history, Garrard has had the honour of working closely with the Royal Family. The first royal commission was given by Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1735. Garrard was appointed Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria in 1843, and has served every subsequent British monarch.

Visitors to this new exhibition will be able to experience all-things-atelier that made Diana, Princess of Wales’ engagement and wedding moments so unforgettable. To bring the story to life, a Garrard gouache painting of her sapphire and diamond engagement ring is displayed. Paintings like this are traditionally a part of the Garrard design making process. The Princess chose her sapphire engagement ring from Garrard in 1981. Encircled by a halo of diamonds set in 18 carat white gold, the intense blue colour of the 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire is truly magnificent – displaying the exquisite taste for which she became so famous during her life as a royal. Within just a few days of Lady Diana Spencer’s engagement to the Prince of Wales, her choice of ring would be known the world over.

The heritage of this iconic ring design continues to inform the creation of Garrard jewels today. Visitors will also get the chance to see Diana, Princess of Wales’s wedding dress, which will be exhibited for the very first time at Kensington Palace in 25 years – complete with its spectacular 25 ft sequin encrusted train.

“Our partnership with Historic Royal Palaces allows visitors to learn of our incredible royal heritage, and further, showcase the ways in which our royal commissions and traditional artisanship continue to innovate designs today. The creative process behind our designs is to craft pieces that are inspired, versatile and exciting to wear – now and forever.” – Sara Prentice, Creative Director of Garrard.

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