What it’s like to pilot a commercial jet

Take seat of the pilot in command in the ultra-realistic Airbus A320 simulator.

A new flight simulator called the iFlight Simulator Val d’Europe lets amateurs see what it’s like to pilot a commercial jet. The new attraction opened just outside of Disneyland Paris allows visitors to take the controls of a virtual Airbus A320 commercial jet. These simulators are so real that Pilots can train in them.

You can take off and land to any of over 24 000 Airports around the World, with Hong Kong Kai Tak and Madeira being firm Favorites.

The instructors, many of which are experienced A320 pilots, guide visitors through this experience of a lifetime.

Using 3 high-definition projectors, the ultra-realistic iFlight Simulator offers an entirely immersive experience. The general public can use the simulator as a tool to overcome a fear of flying. According to AFP, five-hour sessions can be organized for nervous travelers wishing to familiarize themselves with the in-flight experience from takeoff to landing, including passing through zones of turbulence.

To much excitement? Why not try the beautiful approach over Paris City at night?