Agent Provocateur is exploring a more romantic side for spring

Agent Provocateur 2012 spring – summer ‘softer’ campaign

British luxury lingerie label Agent Provocateur targets a more romantic clientele this spring with an ad campaign that features French actress Mylène Jampanoï (31). The new Agent Provocateur’s campaign wants to re-introduce the sensuality and flirtation of the 70’s.

“I was looking at photographer David Hamilton’s images and watching lots of soft-focus movies like ‘Emmanuelle’ and ‘The Story of O,’” said Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton.

The new campaign and a series of accompanying short films was shot by Jordan Scott (Ridley Scott’s daughter). Half-Chinese actress Mylene Jampanoï (31) appeared in 2010 in biopic Gainsbourg and Clint Eatwood’s Hereafter.