Add A Shine To Your Life: Amosu Blackberry 24ct Gold Swarovski Bold 9900

Amosu Couture
yet again amazes the world of luxury with the release of the World’s First ‘Blackberry 24ct Gold Swarovski Bold 9900‘, which is skilfully smothered with over 650 Swarovski crystals encrusted in its bezel and also plated with 24ct Hardened Gold. Without the benefit of the doubt, this will most certainly set you apart from ordinary day-to-day BlackBerry Bold 9900 user by far and will most certainly “Add A Shine To Your Life”.

The handset is retailing at £1599 for silver & Swarovski or £1699 for 24ct gold & Swarovski (further options are available to personalised with your name or company logo engraved on the back).

To complement this launch, Alexander Amosu has also launched the 9900 in solid 18ct yellow Gold or 18ct white gold £8,500 or set in any colour diamonds £15,000 and with every handset sold there is an exclusive Amosu bespoke phone case.