A Little More About Bracelets


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A bracelet is a form of ornament that is worn on the wrists. The origin of the term Bracelet is from the Greek ‘brachile’ which means ‘in the arm’. Our ancestors have been wearing bracelets from ages and it is one of the most lovable ornaments other than necklaces, earrings and rings. Earlier people used to wear bracelets made of iron, cloth, leather and beads and there were various types of bracelets as well. Few of them were health bracelets which were also known as Karma bracelets, bangles which were made of plastic, wood or iron, beaded bracelets, charm, link, penannular, slap, sports and tennis bracelets. The tradition that has been the same throughout all this time is using gemstones in the bracelets. Ancient people used to decorate their bracelets with precious gemstones like diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, pearls and so many. They also believed in metaphysical properties of these stones and thus to keep them near to their body, they used to carve them in bracelets. This served their two purposes, bracelets became part of their jewelry and also their healing ornament. Although the current situation has changed and the idea of bracelets as well. Now people like to wear bracelets as an ornament only and the bracelets with gemstones in them are more in demand for their beauty and elegance. With the emergence of new gemstones, they are more alluring to the people and designs the craftsmen cast out of them can make anyone fall for them. The two most demanding gemstone bracelets would be –

image: Shungite Tennis Design Bracelet


Shungite is a black lustrous stone which has become very popular in the jewelry industry. Shungites are particularly used in all the forms of ornaments but are most likely to win people’s hearts in the form of a bracelet. Shungite bracelets are available in many kinds such as beaded, slap or tennis. In beaded kind, the stone is turned into the shape of a bead and then elasticated. Some charms or designed metals are also added to take a notch higher and these can be worn by both male and female. On a casual day with casual fit, a beaded bracelet will complement the whole look. Slap bracelets are generally made of metals and stones are attached in various designs. These are again for both the genders and can be worn at any event. Shungite tennis bracelets are the most favorable kind of bracelets because in these, other gemstones are also used and some charms as well.

The bracelets are made of silver sterling and have a hook system to unlock them. You can wear these in formal events as well because they are not too loud yet are a statement piece. To add more detail, you can pair these with wrist watches as well. Ancient Greeks and Romans also used shungite in their jewelry as it also has some metaphysical properties. It is believed that they are stress busters and can also heal physical problems like allergies, asthma, liver problems and arthritis.

image Amethyst bracelet


Amethyst is a magnificent violet stone and comes under the category of quartz. The vibrant colour of the stone is the reason why it has become so popular. A perfect stone inscribed in the form of a bracelet is a go-to-go ornament for all the age groups. For kids, a beaded bracelet works fine and for older women, a tennis amethyst bracelet is what they need. There are numerous designs of these bracelets which can be found in the market and one is superior to the other. The colour of the gemstone gives very bright and summer vibes thus styling these are too easy. On a beach day style this bracelet with any dress and the contrast it creates is too beautiful. You can also wear this at office parties or at weddings as well. This piece of jewelry enhances your wrist beautifully and will surely catch some glances. You can get different shapes of stones attached to the bracelets so choose wisely which suits your wrist. Earlier people in Egypt believed that this stone can keep someone away from drinking problems thus they used to wear it whenever they went to some party. The word Amethyst suggests ‘intoxication’ and thus the use of it was to intoxicate people. Other than this it also has some metaphysical properties as that of enhancing one’s mental health. These make people calmer and also bring out wisdom and power to oneself.

As physical properties, amethyst can improve the endocrine system and digestive system. It also helps in reducing headaches and regulates hormones. Other than this Amethyst is also the February Birthstone. If you ever wonder what to give someone in the form of jewelry then this gemstone bracelet is an easy answer to it. There’s no way one can not like this.

image Amethyst Tennis Bracelet


These stones are very precious and should be handled with care. To keep them safe always use a jewelry box. Try to keep them separate from the other jewelries or there can be scratches on the stone. This way they stay safe and organized. When it comes to cleaning them, always visit professionals. Certainly there are more beautiful stones available but these two surely stand out among them. If you love black or are a february born then these are must have for you.

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