$9 million on refit of flying hotel

The expectations of the demanding high-end UAE customers cand cost up to $9 million when it comes to aircrafts. Abu Dhabi luxury flight firm Royal Jet has spent this amount doing up just a single 46-seater Boeing Business Jet.

The company said it is splashing its cash on improved inflight entertainment including live TV and wi-fi as well as a paint job and luxury seats and sleeper beds.

“At this end of the market, we must always keep up with customer expectations and offer the very best in cutting-edge technology and luxury in line with the brand promise,” Royal Jet president and chief executive Shane O’Hare said.

“Our commitment is to provide our guests with the most luxurious in-flight experience possible and so it’s important that our jet interiors and systems are up to date and of the highest quality.” The aircraft will be refurbished by specialists Sabena Technics at their ‘VIP completion centre’ in Bordeaux in France, and the refit is scheduled to take five months.

“Each of our 11 aircraft is like a five-star luxury hotel, and they are all very individual,” claimed O’Hare.
Royal Jet is jointly owned by Abu Dhabi Aviation, and the Presidential Flight Authority, the UAE’s royal flight service. The company said its strong performance had allowed it to invest in the refurbishment.