7 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

image source: unsplash.com/photos/dgOJDAv96s8

It’s time to put on your big boy pants because apart from work and success or at least trying to get to there, you need to be dressed appropriately for it. Fashion may not be a priority, but it is smart to use every advantage including how you present yourself in clothes – professionally or otherwise. Once you already have your wardrobe staples, it is time to add variety and a bit of your personality to it through accessories.

Men should wear accessories just like women. The right pieces can add flair to even the most basic of suits and even everyday outfits. Here’s a narrowed list of 7 fashion accessories that every man should have:

Vintage Leather Messenger Bag 2018

Vintage Leather Messenger Bag; photo: wpstandard.com

Leather Bag

It’s time to leave backpacks for traveling and gym bags for the gym because you need to get a good leather bag to use for work. Leather is such a versatile fabric because anyone looks good in them regardless of gender or age, plus they last for a really long time with proper care and maintenance.

Get a respectable carrying case for your laptop like a leather messenger bag or a proper weekend bag made of the same material. If you’re looking to buy, check out WP Standard. They have a handsome selection of vintage leather messenger bags that are well-made, functional, and become better as they age.

Signature Scent

Although cologne can’t be seen, it can be smelled. If you’re looking for ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, get yourself a signature scent. The olfactory memory can be amazing and it can remember specific scents and can evoke memories. A good that is right for you makes you feel good, puts you on a proper state of mind and lifts your mood. Yann Vasnier, senior perfumer at Givaudan, shares a guide to choosing your signature fragrance in a Men’s Journal article.

Londono Carbon Fiber & Leather Tank Belt - Black

Londono Carbon Fiber & Leather Tank Belt – Black; photo source: carbonfibergear.com


Any kind of pants that has belt loops on it needs a belt regardless of whether or not the waistline fits. They are practical tools for keeping the height of your pants but they can also be used to provide an additional style feature. If you are the sort of person that wants to keep up with the trends, do yourself a favor and look up carbon fiber belts.

Carbon fiber belts or anything carbon fiber, really, are wardrobe game changers. Unlike the usual metals used in men’s accessories, those made with this durable material are light, sturdy, and they will literally last longer than any of your existing accessories. You are guaranteed to use your belt for a really long time. If you’re a fan, be sure to check out Carbon Fiber Gear, an online shop for almost every carbon fiber accessory there is.


The greatest example of a functional fashion item is the watch. They are used to tell the time and can be a fashion statement. Whether you favor the classic style or the digital ones, there is something out there for everyone with watches coming in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and price. Consider investing in trusted name brands because they have been tested by time and you are sure to get bang for your buck.


Every self-respecting gentleman should have a high-quality wallet and if you haven’t already, consider getting one and have it personalized as well. If you’re looking to purchase, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is a brand that comes to mind. They have a collection of trendy and classic wallets that you can personalize with your initials.

Your wallet is the place where you put your most important possessions like driver’s license, money, credit cards, ID’s, and maybe photos. There is a reason why leather never goes out of style, they are classy, durable, and you want to worry about it accumulating wears and tears for years to come.


They are another example of functional fashion and everyone knows they add at least a notch of cool factor to your wardrobe. Take the time to find the perfect pair that matches your aesthetic. When choosing one, take note of your face shape and how you prefer the tint darkness. Going for big brands is always a safe choice and you’re assured of their quality too.

Classy Phone Case

Like wallets, smartphones are considered essential items needed for everyday life. Your wallet contains all the things you need to make a purchase and your smartphone has banking capabilities too, but most of all, it contains a lot of important personal files, access, and even documents. So it makes sense to safeguard it especially since it is a fragile little electronic device that is prone to bumps, scratches, and breaks.

Depending on what you have, there are literally thousands of Android and iPhone cases out in the market today in different styles, textures, and colors. As a working gentleman who is also fashion-conscious, go for the classic shades and colors like black, gray, or dark blue.

Have Fun with It

There are no clear-cut rules when it comes to fashion accessories – men included. The things mentioned above are just to guide you on your way or if you were looking for ideas. The most important thing about investing in your personal style is to go for things that you feel comfortable with and elements that you can play around with. Do you have ideas of your own? Share it below.