55 hybrid Quinta Essentia yacht: silent, efficient & exclusive

Quinta Essentia yacht launched on 24th March 2016.
quinta essentia yacht  in the shipyard 2016

The outstanding 55 hybrid yacht “Quinta Essentia” by the Italian Sea Group shiyard is the biggest yacht ever built by Admiral Yachts, until the 75 m currently under construction at the shipyard in Marina di Carrara will be launched in 2018.

“Quinta Essentia” was built for a very experienced Owner, who owned many worldwide renowned yachts in the past.

“Admiral is therefore proud to announce the build and launch of such an innovative yacht with hi-tech features which allow the yacht to get a low environmental impact in comparison with other similar yachts of the same size boasting traditional propulsion,” said the shipyard in a statement.

Admiral E Motion 55 is indeed provided with an advanced hybrid propulsion system which integrates two traditional engines with two electric motors, also connected to variable speed generators. The system also boasts a traditional transmission with two shafts. The entire propulsion system and the whole build technique guarantee the most silent, safest and incredibly efficient navigation on board this new superb yacht.

The Italian Sea Group quinta essentia yacht--- quinta essentia yacht-- quinta essentia yacht- quinta essentia yacht quinta essentia yacht  in the shipyard-2016 launch quinta essentia yacht  in the shipyard quinta essentia yacht  in the shipyard The Italian Sea Group