51 rare automobiles and 40 historic motorcycles at the start of The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017

A journey through time and different eras of mobility on the shores of Lake Come (from 26th to 28th May 2017).

The very special attraction of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is provided by the unusual combination of selected historic vehicles on two and four wheels together with the presentation of the latest concept vehicles and prototypes.

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The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is the world’s most exclusive heritage event for historic automobiles and motorcycles. The event has a long tradition extending back to the year 1929, when the first exhibition entitled “Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este” was held in Cernobbio, Northern Italy, as a showcase for new launches in the automobile sector. This was followed by decades of changing fortunes.

The motto of this year’s classic weekend is “Around the World in 80 Days – Voyage through an Era of Records”. It refers to the end of the 19th century when the world was becoming increasingly mobile. Even before the invention of the automobile, people succeeded in going round the world using modes of transport such as the railway and steam ship.

The sheer range of vehicles is likely to be record breaking. There surely cannot be another automobile beauty contest where the candidates are powered by one to twelve-cylinder engines and generate between 1.5 and 450 hp. The engine with the biggest capacity is mounted in a Rolls-Royce Phantom I: 7668 cc. Apart from the 50 cc motorcycles, the heart of the smallest power unit beats in an Intermeccanica (493 cc).

The concept of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and the exhibited vehicles encompass an impressive combination of tradition and vision. This aura is augmented by the award class Concept Cars and Prototypes, which is unique and not replicated in any of the world’s other classic events.

The automobile contest sees 51 vehicles of outstanding class and with fascinating histories competing in eight categories for the favours of the Jury and the public audience. 40 motorcycles in five categories and a special class provide a blue-riband field of competitors. The different award classes define thematic focuses for reviewing the history of vehicle construction.

The owners of the 51 automobiles come from 16 countries – most of them (12) from the USA. 30 different marques are on show which were produced in seven countries. Italy has twelve marques and therefore has the most manufacturers represented, and it includes Ferrari as the brand with the largest number of candidates (7).

On Friday, visitors can already admire the vehicles presented in the parkland of Villa Erba as part of the public days. These vehicles will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s on the Saturday evening.

At 14.00 on Saturday, the Street Run of the competition motorcycles starts from Villa Erba on an outing to Villa d’Este. In the afternoon, the selection for the first important award is made at Villa d’Este with the “Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este” public prize.

On Sunday, the 51 competition automobiles and 40 motorcycles parade in front of the grandstand in the garden of Villa Erba where the winners will receive their awards. Finally, on Sunday evening the international Jury of experts will award the most important prize for the automobiles: the title of “Best of Show” at Villa d’Este.

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In 2017, motorcycle prototypes are also lining up at the start for the first time. This year, too, visitors will for the first time select the most beautiful classic motorcycle from all the candidates.

The award classes defined for the beauty competition enable visitors to experience the important staging posts in the development of the motorcycle and its most important representatives. Five classes and a special class have been defined to focus the attention of the public audience on particularly fascinating types of vehicle and historical phases.

Owners from five countries will present a total of 40 candidates which were manufactured in six countries. 35 different marques make the diversity here even greater than in automobiles. Italy with 25 marques has by far the biggest number of makes. Twelve of these brands are still producing motorcycles to this day.

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