5 Luxury Vacation Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List




5 Indulgent Vacation Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime.

You don’t have to be rich or have excessive time to travel—you can find adventure in your own backyard. However, at some point, you should take an ultra-luxurious vacation to an exotic destination. It’ll be worth every penny spent and every second spent away from work.

Here are a few places to add to your bucket list.


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1. West Palm Beach, Florida

There are many awesome destinations in Florida – West Palm Beach is one that should be added to your list. The beaches at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Juno Beach, and Delray Beach are among the nicest on the southern Florida coast.

Best of all, West Palm Beach is located about 70 miles north of Miami. This means that you’ll experience similar beaches as Miami but without the heavy traffic. Car accidents often occur in Miami thanks to the high-traffic roadways, so it’s nice to visit a quieter, less populated area while still enjoying the luxury of a beachfront vacation.


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2. Mancora, Peru

The energy in Mancora, Peru is tangible with endless recreational opportunities that don’t disappoint. It’s a bohemian paradise on the Pacific Ocean waterfront that’s all about beach life and relaxation.

Mancora is filled with high-end hotels and resorts where you can spend your days in style. Check out KiChic, a resort that’s perfect for resting between adventures. It’s right on the beach, so you can go out on the water as often as you like. If you’d rather take it slow and easy, there are plenty of high-end relaxation opportunities like yoga classes, on-call massage therapists, and spas in KiChic.



3. Tierra Patagonia, Chile

In Patagonia, Chile, there’s a breathtaking resort called Tierra Patagonia. It’s best known for its floor-to-ceiling lobby windows that display a clear, unobstructed view of the mountains in Torres del Pain National Park.

As a guest at Tierra Patagonia, you can sit on the lobby sofa, sipping wine or hot chocolate while staring at the mountain views. You can also head out on hikes or take a guided tour of the countryside. The resort is located in the middle of nowhere, but it’s all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about a thing while you’re there.


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4. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As such, there are dozens of gorgeous, all-inclusive resorts and hotels. You could spend all day sitting on the private beach of your hotel, soaking in the sun, sandy beaches, and clear blue water.

Or, you could go inland where there are gardens, temples, and museums for you to enjoy. If you decide to rent a car, be careful on the roads. Thailand was named among the top 10 most dangerous countries for driving, thanks to the poorly maintained and high-traffic roadways. It’s probably best for you to take a taxi or public transportation.

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5. Tanzania, Africa

If “go on an African safari” is on your bucket list, you’ll want to visit Tanzania. This is one of the most beautiful places on the continent, surrounded by jungle and nature.

After going on a safari tour, stay at the Highlands camp, which is set up in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The sights from this hilltop luxury campsite are absolutely breathtaking. You’ll have an unobstructed view of Kilimanjaro from your tent.

This campsite is nothing like you’ve experienced before. You’ll have your own domed tent with everything you need for relaxation—including running water and electricity. Gourmet meals will be delivered, and you’ll get to enjoy the natural beauty without lifting a finger.

Traveling to any of these destinations might be pricey but worth every penny.

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The Highlands Camp Tanzania; @thetanzaniaspecialists.net