5 Luxurious Pool Design Inspirations


Dive into the green and swim in an experience of luxury.


Swimming pools are both a comfort feature and measure of luxury. The internet is brimming with pool design ideas that are inspired with a spark of desire and turn pool sides into a luxurious space. Pool design inspirations have come from unexpected places, pieces and whims of owners that may honour a special liking or memory.

Most owners have a picture in mind. Builders and pool designers can craft swimming pool designs that will match your preferences in style, budget, existing structure or backyard space, and the uses of the poolside.

Here are five luxurious pool design inspirations to kick start your pool vision:

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1. Cultural inspirations

We all have our favourite cultures whose artworks or motifs appeal to us. Embracing cultural designs can give a luxurious feel to your swimming pool by adding an exotic touch. For instance, think of an Asian flair to your poolside with gentle flowing water features, urns, bamboo, jade statues, etc. Or, a royal Indian feel with arched entrance ways, coloured mosaic work in the pool bottom or an architectural style reminiscent of Turkish baths.

Gartenart eco-pool

@Gartenart eco-pool

2. Nature-inspired

Turning swimming pools into natural features is a luxurious way of owning a piece of nature in your backyard. A lot of people have a treasured childhood memory of learning swimming in ponds. This can form the inspiration behind an all-natural swimming pond with edges designed as banks added with grass features, rocks, infinity waterfalls and more. Nature-inspired ideas can also mean a pool designed with waterfalls, caves with rain curtains between two parts of the pool, or a connecting grotto complete with ceramic tiles and artificial stalactites.

Bisazza custom mosaic decoration at thecharleshotelmunich, design Olga Polizzi

Bisazza custom mosaic decoration at The Charles Hotel Munich, design Olga Polizzi

3. Artwork inspired

Colours and patterns inspired from your favourite artist’s canvas can transform your pool design into a luxurious arthouse space. Andy Warhol inspired brightly-coloured tiles in the pool bottom, art nouveau sculptures adorning coping edges, a geometric pool shape and designs for admirers of Piet Mondrian or imaginative designs for a Dali advocate.

Luxurious Pool Design Inspirations - Resort inspired pool

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4. Resort inspired

Structured with vacation time in mind, retreat inspired pool designs are not only about taking a dip but about spending a whole day by the poolside. Outfit the pool with ample seating, built in bars, submerged beds and water activity options. Complement this with barbie places, outdoor kitchens, lounging quarters and your backyard retreat is ready.

design carlodalbianco for bisazzamosaico collection

design @carlo dalbianco for bisazza mosaico collection @instagram.com/bisazzaoffical

5. Greenhouse or Cabana inspired

Pool designs inspired by and structured like greenhouses and tropical cabanas are a luxurious way of transforming your pool experiences. They let in plenty of light and air while letting you enjoy a dip in the rains as well. An architectural statement with plenty of entertainment and dining options.

These ideas can change the look and feel of your pool to a new high. Imagine the quality time and praise an inspired pool makeover can bring you. A vacation would mean just stepping out of your house and into your backyard. Visit a pool shop today to start work on your own pool design inspiration!

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Iris Cuarzo ezzari

Iris Cuarzo ezzari tiles; @ezarri.com/

Villa Paradiso on the Navesink

Villa Paradiso on the Navesink; @christiesrealestate.com/

The wellness area in this private home is tiled with glass mosaic in the smallest format